Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It Isn't Lying, It Is Changing My Mind

I am constantly amazed by people who read things like blogs or emails that mention a person's upcoming plans and then assume what they have read to be the gospel truth, impossible to be anything but. At some point afterward the writer changes plans. If the writer either doesn't have the time, availability/access to the Internet, motivation or thought to rewrite the plans and instantly publish the change for all to see, that person is suddenly a liar apparently.

Twice in the past week I have read items on social media where one person is accusing another of lying when all that has happened has been the author's change of plans going unrecorded.

It struck me that my own blog and emails need a "codicil"!! haha

The only way for my readers to be certain of my daily plans is to read about them after the fact. I change my mind six times a day about what I am doing. Even the most exciting or best laid plans will change if I feel like changing them. I don't feel obligated to run to my iPad every time it happens.

Just sayin'.....don't feel betrayed if I end up writing one thing and subsequently doing another without releasing the change on social media.


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