Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Just Another Manic.......Wednesday?

We so enjoyed having my husband's colleague spend last evening and overnight with us. Unfortunately the evening began with a surprisingly poor meal at Da Wat with a buffet that looked and tasted like the lunch buffet leftovers....I will return but order off the menu next time in hopes of freshly prepared food!

After dinner we came home so my husband could get packed for this morning's flight while the colleague and I watched some of his favourite YouTube videos. If you haven't all ready seen it you must have a boo at "Sweeping is Difficult.....Sometimes". Warning: it contains extreme "awwwww cuuuuute" factor! Teehee

Although we all got to bed fairly early, I was actually asleep when my husband woke me up at 3:30am. Sigh..... Up I got to get ready to drive the guys to the airport with their tummies full of omelets and pita. We made it there just before the appointed time of 4:30am so my husband could count delegates, make sure they all had their boarding passes and had their bags properly checked.

Now it is 5:00am and I am home wondering what to do next. I am quite certain I will not sleep if I go back to bed. I feel hungry so should probably eat breakfast, but if I do my meal schedule will be off kilter all day and I will end up eating four meals instead of three. On the other hand if I do not eat now I will risk passing out. Guess I know what I am going to do, haha. KLUNK!' Juuuuust kidding. I will eat, I will eat....

Having been so caught up in our holidays I have made zero plans for this next week. I did have the presence of mind to email one friend about getting together but that was several days ago and I have had no response. So...I am going to pray for guidance and see how it pans out for some fun times in between house chores.

Ok, ravenous, must eat!

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