Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Pseudo Death on the Home Front

Aiiiii yiiiii what a silly day with the local "critters"! hahaha

About four hours ago, on this brutally hot day, I looked out the front window and noticed one of this year's crop of adorable wee bunnies flat out on its stomach under a tree in the front yard. I thought it was great it could lay in the shade out of the bright sun.

An hour later I noticed it was still out there, laying completely still, over an hour later it was still there, completely immobile. It looked like it could be dead, but I waited nearly another hour in hopes I was wrong. After all,  "killing" that big ball of lint in the kitchen earlier this morning seemed like enough "death" for one day!

Soooooo outside I finally went. The rabbit truly had not moved a whisker in four hours, ears flat down on the side of its head, back legs sprawled out behind him. Hoooo boy, what to do about a dead rabbit. In the last month I have had to call in the building maintenance pest control to get rid of gophers outside and mice in the attic. Was I going to have to call them again to safely get rid of a rabbit carcass? Sigh..... They are so tired of hearing from me.

Dreading seeing a dead bunny, sure its little furry self should be removed before the little kids next door saw it and got upset or one of the neighbourhood dogs found it, I approached it with a certain amount of trepidation. I got within a meter of the bunny when its little brown eyes popped open, its ears jerked straight up, it's butt began to wiggle as it gathered its back legs underneath it, getting ready to spring away from me.

YAY! The bunny was alive! Slowly I backed away from it, sorry I had disturbed its cooling rest on such a hot day, but ecstatic it was still in the land of the living. My chuckling, patient husband has now explained to me that it is not unusual for rabbits to lay still for hours at a time, cooling off in the heat, tummies sated after munching happily on fresh clover.

Well, what do I know about rabbits, city gal that I am? I am SO ignorant about the habits of rabbits, I apparently can't even tell if they are alive or dead!!!!  hahahaha. What a day!

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