Saturday, July 16, 2016

Our Son the Pet Owner

Our son telephoned today.  He is the proud and caring owner of a teensy weensy Siamese fighting fish that is keeping him hopping....literally!

After nursing little "1-2-3" (his nickname is "1-2"...well, the boy IS an artist so....)  through first an illness and then a bad bout of constipation from too unvaried a diet, our son did some more research recently about getting a better aeration filter for the aquarium.  

Apparently the new filter has been the final act required to restore full energy to wee 1-2-3!  In fact he is so energetic that he has taken to physically launching himself out of the aquarium and onto the floor!  Fortunately it has only happened when our son has been at home.  He completely freaked out, has a dinner plate over top of the tank and on Monday will be purchasing a proper aquarium cover from the pet store to replace the dinner plate.  He freaked out because 1-2-3's fins sustained some minor damage after hitting the floor far below the tank, but the damage is not stopping him from racing about the aquarium full steam ahead.  The vet has apparently encouraged our son that Siamese fighting fish do this flipping themselves out of the aquarium routine quite regularly and it is just a sign that his health has returned to normal.  The bedraggled fins are starting to  heal and regain their more feathery appearance, so that is a good thing.

I am trying to add up in my head how much money my presently financially depleted son has spent on pet store equipment and care books, medications and veterinary fees, fish food and the like and the amount is scaring me just a little.  Instead of purchasing badly needed paints and art supplies for an upcoming show at VAG, he has spent his cash on 1-2-3's medical issues and newly needed aquarium equipment.

Our son needs a wife.......with a job.....

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