Thursday, July 14, 2016

Run, Run, Run!!!

Yesterday I picked my husband and his colleagues up at the airport when they returned from the General Synod in Toronto, weary and battle scarred and happy to be home after their wild time in the east.

After a brief stop in at the office my husband came home and had a  much needed and well deserved nap! 

We ate lunch out at Mercury Diner over in Cathedral and it was absolutely awful...have had better meals there so maybe they were training a new cook or just having a bad day, but it will be awhile before we can make ourselves go back.  My husband's hamburger had a patty just small enough and thin enough to make him think someone from the McDonalds chain had snuck one of theirs into the bun!  His Greek salad was okay but nothing spectacular.    My soup was a salt fest...well, no fault of theirs as most soups are and I should have known better than to order it....but it COULD have been good had it had more veggies and at least one miserable piece of chicken in the broth where it was supposed to be found!  My caesar salad was a heap of iceberg a caesar salad???...with some cheap caesar salad dressing.  At least the croutons were fresh.  

For the rest of the day we lounged around and watched tv, read books and talked and talked and talked about what the future may hold for us in ministry over the last 6 years of my husband's working life.  It is wonderful, as well as amazing, that the two of us are on the same page!

Today my husband worked from home, setting up meetings with our church leaders to discuss what happened at Synod, responding to work emails and beginning a writing project that has been burning within his mind for several months.  Now that Synod is over he has the time and the rest of the information he needs to really get writing!

Saturday he will be meeting with the Dean of the Cathedral to learn what is required when my husband takes over as Commissary in the absence of the bishop during his holidays and other diocesan travels in the future:  more new information to absorb on top of all the other new information he has been absorbing for the past 15 months.  No wonder it takes a minimum of 2 years to learn all there is to learn about this position! Good thing he enjoys a steep learning curve!

This morning we had a good walk to Cornwall Centre for my haircut and some fab lentil soup, pita and hummus and shawarma salad from Zam Zam's, then another good walk home again.  It felt so good to be out walking again, in between rain showers. So very grateful for the dry skies during our walking times.

Vegged a bit this afternoon after talking and talking some more, then after an early supper my husband went back to his work and I went grocery shopping.  He needs the car for meetings tomorrow and I need to be here to let the maintenance crew members in to take care of the "critters" up in our attic.  They finally got rid of the gopher earlier this week and I am so grateful for that. They are too since new sod has just been put down and he had all ready made inroads into that, digging holes all around the front lawn. It saddens me to have to kill creatures like that, but unfortuately that is sometimes the necessary way of the world of survival between us.

Tomorrow is laundry day for me.  O wow....I haven't done my own laundry since before we went to Calgary over 2 weeks ago now.  One load of my husband's was done before the Toronto excursion and that is it!  There are so many articles of clothing in both our baskets that my husband will have to carry them down to the basement again the way he had to when I first broke my hip. There is no way I can carry baskets that full and heavy!  haha  Not sure why I have waited so long to wash clothes!! My exercise tomorrow will be achieved by the number of times I will be racing up and down 2 flights of stairs!

The utility bills for June arrived today.  Proof that we have not been at home much over the past month was provided by way of the low charge for natural gas and electricity!  Our bills are incredibly low all spring, summer and fall. Winter costs will be a shock again come January, I am sure!

So, it is after 8pm.  Time to get those laundry baskets to the basement so I can get everything sorted and ready for the morning's washing.

The sun is shining and I hope that is the end of the rain for awhile now. At least it has kept the city lovely and green right about the time it is usually past its spring prime and beginning to turn brown around the edges once again. Even the flowers are still blooming in profusion.  It is as lovely as Regina gets and I am enjoying the view!

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