Sunday, July 3, 2016

Star Indian Restaurant in Olds Alberta

We had a most delicious meal last night with friends at this little gem of an Indian restaurant. The service was the best we have had anywhere in a long time and the food was delicious.

We enjoyed the crispy papads with dipping sauce as we waited for our main dishes: lamb jalfrezi with green peppers, curried okra, coconut chicken curry and chicken tikka on a sizzling bed of assorted cabbage strips. We added jasmine rice and freshly baked naan and feasted to our hearts' content.

In deference to prairie palates the hot spice has been reduced significantly, so if you prefer the proper heat you have to request it. I love hot pepper spicing but decided to forego the pleasure this time. The meal was still wonderful. The rice pudding topped with ground pistachio nuts is one of my favourites.

We were shocked at the few customers on the restaurant when the Thai place down the street seemed to be full.  I suspect the local populace is still as fad crazed as they were when we lived there, so with Thai food being the latest craze in town many people will prefer being seen there so as to be more in line with the snobby bunch who fancy themselves the rulers of the local social scene. haha Olds is such a small town despite its decades old attempts to lift itself above that rural mentality.

Get with it people. You have a wonderful Indian restaurant in your recently named "Uptown Olds", right on the Main Street. Don't let this excellent eatery die out. Support it, enjoy it.

Take the chance to support this rising Star in your midst!

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chris e. said...

You mean they finally dropped the 'e' and made it Uptown Olds instead of Uptowne Olds? That would be a step up.
Too bad about all the good restaurants that have opened and subsequently closed there over the years. And as usual, you have diagnosed the problem.
I think the best thing that could happen to Olds is an influx of new (as in from further than 20 km away) people.
New people, add some new restaurants and the opportunity for some activity other than hockey and gossip...gee another hundred years and you would hardly recognize the place!
I hope Indian Star is a success!