Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Such Fun While It Lasted!

We have now used up most of our "special assistance" for restaurant meals that have kept us afloat for entertainment over the past 18 months or so.  Wow, it has been so much fun!  We have felt free to explore, not to be too upset too often if we pick a dud once in awhile.  Since we spend almost zero dollars on other forms of entertainment each year we will still be able to enjoy meals out each month, just a lot less often....and I am very grateful for that because a new Japanese restaurant is opening in the space that Hanabi used to occupy downtown. hahaha Yup, all ready scheming about a plan to try  their menu as soon as they open for business! hahaha  

Obviously my (small "g") "god" is my stomach!! hahahaha 

In about an hour I will be at the medical clinic for my first osteoporosis injection.  As hard as I am trying to just sit back and trust God for this to:
a) actually work successfully to rebuild bone in my compacting spine and weak hip bones,
b) not give me an allergic reaction like the last drug I took,
I am failing miserably today on both counts!
As much as I relax and trust God now relatively faithfully for his care of our finances, I am struggling with trust over medical issues.  At least today I am.  If I can tolerate this medication my trust will start to soar...isn't that just the most human of reactions: "Yeah sure God, I trust you...as long as things are going the way I think they should and there is little to zero suffering involved!"

Sometimes it is such a pain to be so human. 
Just about the time I want my faith to have me soaring with the eagles I instead find myself pooping on the sidewalk with the rest of the silly geese..... 

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chris e. said...

So understandable, your anxiety over the osteo med shot. As for me, I think sometimes you get a gift of faith to see you through something, sometimes you don't. Or maybe the gift of faith is there, but we can't grab hold of it because past experiences are 'louder.' We understand things like being broke and being in pain so intimately that it's hard (for me at least) to realize it doesn't always have to be that way, and even if it is today, some day it won't be any more.