Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Pending Storm

I am sitting beside the window at nearly 10pm watching the last of the sunset and waiting for the next lightning storm to arrive.  Tonight the glow from the setting sun was not "baby blue pink" or orange, it was deep golden yellow.  That generally means storm clouds and when we looked to the north of town we could see them, streaked with fork lightning and heading this way.  

Hopefully we will not  be huddled around the windows watching a storm in the wee hours of the morning like we were today!  At 3am we were awakened by a combination of the flashing lightning and a continous roll of thunder that carried on unabated, as in not for one second did it cease to growl at us, for over a half hour.  I don't remember the last time I heard thunder that intense and prolongued. I thought it would never stop clashing outside!  

It is no wonder we have nighttime storms as the daytime temperatures have slowly crawled their way into the +30'sC.  Today we were up around +32C, so as the temperature begins to fall for the night it seems to draw the storms toward us.  Unlike the foothills area of southern Alberta where we used to live, here on the true prairies it doesn't always cool down overnight during such hot weeks of summer.  It is certainly slow to cool tonight!  My husband  has set up his bed downstairs in the basement as he has to get up so early to go to work in the morning and desperately needs to be comfortable enough to sleep.

He also needs some better quiet that he will not get in the upstairs bedrooms.  Unusually for a week night, even during school holiday time, there are 4 little boys outside on their bicycles in the near  darkness shrieking like banshees as they race full speed ahead through the parking lot. hahaha  How well I remember city summers when I was a kid doing exactly the same thing in Calgary! hahaha  Summer holiday time was a magical time of being, or at least feeling, free as a bird to do whatever we neighbourhood friends wanted to do and for many more late night hours than was permitted during school terms.  

Some of the other neighbours, who no doubt also have to work in the morning, are starting to open their back doors and stand out on the porches in their pajamas, gesturing at the boys. I suspect no one wants to be the big bad meanie who tells these unsupervised kids it is time to stop screaming so other people can sleep. hahaha  Come on neighbours...this is the first time all summer these kids have been out hollering after 9pm.  I will be surprised if it happens again so let's chill out until we see if it is going to become a pattern.

What great summer time childhood memories these guys are triggering for me!

My husband and I had the most pleasant day today, just getting some simple errands and shopping done, but doing it together.  Since we moved here we have had opportunities to do "normal" married couple things like shopping as a couple, more than we ever have in our lives.  I LOVE having my husband home on two weekdays in a row...not that it always works out that he gets both days off, but this week he did and it has been fabulous.  We accomplished some grocery shopping on the far east side of the city, got his new machete sharpened and some replacement parts for one of his Swiss army knives, we had some salad at a favourite bistro, we found the perfect width bias tape for one of his sewing projects and new straps for his favourite backpack.  We located a source for getting his favourite Grandma Nunweiler's Pancake Mix, found new lip balm he really likes, purchased a replacement part for our toilet that the maintenance guys here never seem to understand is the real problem with the dumb thing, got me the coolest little summer dress for el cheapo and generally just enjoyed the AC in our car as we drove around the city.  We still parked far away from each store so we could get some exercise in between purchases.  What a nice, sane, normal, regular sort of day. I LOVED IT!

So, better shut down this machine.  The storm is just starting and the lightning is pretty intense all ready.  Hmmm....I don't think there is going to be a lot of sleeping going on up here in my room but I can't handle even the most remote possibility of a spider crawling on me in the basement!  haha  At least the little boys have now packed it in and gone indoors to avoid the rain that has begun. It seems the re-parge my husband did on the leaky basement wall is holding well.

Still waiting to hear from our son about his eye surgery today, but no word yet.  We suspect that means all is well because if something scary was going on he would have been in touch for prayer....at least we assume all is well.........sigh......you never outgrow being a parent...

Tomorrow evening we are meeting friends from out of town at The Nest, so hopefully that will be a lot of fun and the food and drink will be decent.  Oooh....machine is starting to flash...bet we will have a power outage soon.  Thank you Jesus for Smartphone alarm clocks to set for the morning so we don't sleep in!  Happy evening everyone.


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