Saturday, July 30, 2016

Warm Clear Water

6:15am today seemed like quite the ungodly time of a Saturday morning to have to get up, but once we got over to the church and enjoyed the Morning Prayer service with our Bishop and the other men who are bicyling with him on his journey across the province, we were glad we participated.  My husband was rather proud of the fact that of all the churches our Bishop met with today, our little congregation had one of the highest attendances. hahaha  Seeing my otherwise humble husband so proud about this little detail delights me no end. hahaha  Good service, good breakfast fellowship, good reports about the journey and good to be up and out the door early this morning before being hit with scorching heat this afternoon!

As  my husband rode out of the parking lot on his newly purchased bicycle, along with the cyclists on the way to the next destination, I headed to our car and drove to the grocery store.  I love grocery shopping relatively early on long weekend Saturday mornings as there is so little customer traffic.  I think at least a third of the city has departed for the holiday weekend. Wow, the streets and parking lots around here have been nearly deserted most of the day.  Maybe the heat just kept more folk at home, I don't know....

After lunch and a rest, we headed to our friends' house for a pool party and BBQ.  I panicked at the last minute about getting into the pool in case my thigh muscles failed me in the deep end...I seem to have a lot more fears to overcome since this last fall and broken bones....but  I sat on the edge, enjoying the bright sun in my sleeveless pool dress and dandled my feet in the water long enough to even up the tan on my legs and upper arms. The water temperature in the shallow end of the pool was +32C, just lovely and warm!  Our hosts provided delicious Asian and Jamaican spiced turkey burgers and a broccoli salad, another couple brought a caesar salad featuring romaine freshly picked from their own garden and we provided the drinks and snack foods.  It was such fun!  They have two sheltie dogs that love playing under the sprinkler, so we put on the hose and laughed ourselves nearly sick watching them.  A 2 year old granddaughter provided a lot of fun as well.  

In around all the activity today my husband managed to complete his sermon for tomorrow morning and is getting ready to print it off before he goes to bed.  

At this point in time I think we actually get to stay home and veg after church tomorrow far, anyway.  We may even get to do that on Monday as well.  Tuesday will be a super fun day.  We have to return library books at a library out of town and on the way back we are stopping for lunch on the highway north of Moose Jaw, at Carol's Catering.  Have no idea if the food is any good or not and don't really care.  We are going to meet friends there who organize the annual events for the Moose Jaw Camera Club.  The Camera Club display from the recent Festival of Words has been moved out to Carol's and we will get a first hand accounting of the project from our friends.    Really looking forward to the seeing the project and even more forward to visiting with our friends. Has it really been over a year since we got together?????  Where does the time go????

Yup, a good start to the first week of August....well, other than the realization that all ready the sky is pitch dark by 9:30pm once again....winter is coming sure has been a great summer thus far!

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