Monday, July 25, 2016

When "Cute" is Appropriate

Today is only half over but all ready it has been filled with cuteness!  I am not sure of the exact meaning of that word, but by my own definition there has been a lot of that going on around me.

Walking to the post office early this morning I passed a grandma pushing a stroller in which was seated a teensy blonde haired boy.  He was crowing and waving his arms at the trees and the bees and the grass and the passing cars, happy as a person can be.

Shortly after I arrived home our day's company arrived for brunch: one of the cutest and most wonderful young married couples we have ever had the joy of sharing a friendship with.  We spent several hours together, feasting, sharing our hearts and lives and smiling an awful lot!

The bunny rabbit that spent the afternoon laid out flat under the shade of our front yard tree a few days ago was back today, doing the same thing.  It is so very hot for these poor furry little creatures.  This one is has some lovely markings of colour on the fur around his face.  He is still rather teensy and to me is the very definition of the word "cute".

I received a photo from my parents today.  It is a picture of them playing a water gun duck race at the Stampede games set up in their seniors' facility last week.  Both of them are grinning like two little kids, dad balancing himself by hanging onto his walker with the hand not shooting the water gun and mom just delighted that at the age of almost 89 she is finally getting her chance to play those silly games she always wanted to play when I was a kid growing up.  She was too shy to actually play them at the Stampede but I know she wanted to after an admission some years ago.

Not so cute is an incident of violence that just occurred in our parking lot a few moments ago; I don't know what the problem is exactly but 2 gals visiting one of our residents came huffing and puffing out of the suite, one of them cursing and very upset. She smashed the resident lady's cell phone all over the lot and yelled and screamed.  A young boy who lives there came after her with a heavy bottle and tried to hit her.  It got pretty scary with that boy involved and I was about to call the police when I noticed the management staff taking note of the incident from their office door. I can only assume the police have been notified.  All the people have disappeared inside the suite, but if there is any more noise or problem coming from there before we leave for our evening out I will call the police myself.  I am sad for that little boy who was trying to defend the victim of the upset woman's rants and phone smashing.  He is beside himself and making threats to her...he can't be more than 7 or 8 years old. life as a child had many problems but there wasn't much violence involved, that is for sure.

Well, better get ready for this farewell dinner for one of our diocesan priests who is heading to a parish overseas.  It is a catered meal and no matter what is served it can't be any worse than the simple salad I ordered at our church's Seniors' Ministry dinner last night at Perkins.  At least 1/4 of the lettuce was not just brown, it was completely rotten. can a simple salad be such a disaster? (No, I didn't send it back...I had the strong feeling round 2 wouldn't have been any better.) However, the good company more than made up for it and I forgave the restaurant when I saw how unexpectedly delicious my husband's tilapia meal was. I did very much enjoy my multi-grain mini-bun...and half of my husband's as well!!

OOOOH, Lord, please let the heat outside and the tempers across the parking lot be cooled and settled down.  Let the "cuteness" continue for the rest of the evening.

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