Saturday, July 16, 2016

Yummy Brunch at The Fireside Bistro

Since moving here last year we have eaten a few meals at the Fireside Bistro and have found the food rather average and occasionally rather over priced as well, BUT today we had the most fabulous brunch there!

The place was hopping as the sun was out and the patio deck tables open for business.  We opted to eat inside because, as my husband so accurately noted, "If there is an insect within 50 square miles of here it will want to eat YOUR meal!"
How right he is, ergo a table inside but close to the patio where we could still see the lovely old trees across the street.

I ordered the omelet special, not expecting a GIANT plate of food to arrive as the price was so reasonable.  The 2 egg omelet was filled to overflowing with sauteed mushrooms, bacon, onion, boar sausage and cheddar cheese.  It took up half the plate.  The other half of the plate was heaped with perfectly grilled hash brown potatoes and a slice of 9 grain toast that would have benefited with the merest hint of butter, but I am not complaining. The meal was most delicious and I brought home half of it as my husband wants it for dinner tonight!

My husband's brunch was equally huge, filling and delicious.  He ordered the breakfast bagel , hollandaise sauce on the side.  The bagel arrived as listed in the menu, topped with 4 huge thick cut slices of bacon, cheese and green onions that were NOT cooked beyond reason for once, (why do restaurants insist on trying to fry green onions and subsequently burn them to near inedible consistency and taste??), and a 2 egg omelet,  PLUS a side dish of hash browns. PLUS a large boar sausage.  He asked for his hollandaise sauce on the side and was given a huge bowl of it.  He doesn't eat it other than a bit of a first taste, but I happily dipped some of my hashbrowns into the bowl and discovered a new "taste sensation" for myself, haha. Half of my husband's meal came home as well to add to his dinner this evening.  Yes, it is salty, greasy and filled with calories and carbs, but after the week he just experienced in Ontario, where he lost more weight because of not eating for most of the week, he deserves a day of yummy and unhealthy treats!!  

With nearly $15 in drinks, plus taxes added into the bill, the overall cost was still only $36 for the two of us.  

Way to go Fireside Bistro.  Your brunches, if our meal and the meals we noticed being delivered to surrounding tables is your average weekend mid-day fare, we will definitely be back on of these fine weekends!

I never did get to the ironing today.  Other things here at home took up my time, on top of a bit of a nap mid-afternoon to fight off one of my extremely rare headaches...let down I think from the subconscious stress of the past week. 

Now it is time for dinner.......we know what my husband is going to have.  haha  I am still feeling so full from lunch that I am having a more simple supper:
one slice of Weight Watchers whole wheat bread with a tablespoon of peanut butter, 3 prunes, 90 grams of raspberry yogurt mixed with 90 grams of NSA chocolate pudding, a small bowl of fresh raspberries and probably a large, make that HUGE, glass of bottled still water.


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