Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Perfect Summer Sunday!

What a great day!  The high temperature for the day was only +28C and there was no wind!!!  A prairie day with no wind is THE perfect day no matter what the season!!  haha

I had an early drive to Moose Jaw to church.  What a good service.  My friend did an awesome job on her sermon: running the race of faith.  The Scripture passage encompassed the last part of the Hebrews chapter 11 and the first part of Hebrews chapter 12.  She deliberately kept it very short and simple as there was no Sunday school for the children, no junior church, so all the kids were in the main service this morning.  She told us not to be Couch Potato Christians but to get serious about running the race of faith.  

Four points from the passage:
-we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses in heaven and a crowd of witnesses in the church here on earth who want to help us, who cheer us on as we attempt to be faithful to our calling in the Lord.
-we are to cast off the sins and baggage that slow us down or otherwise hinder us in our participation in the faith race: eg selfishness, judgementalism, vanity, comfort, addictions, greed, self-protection and the list goes on.....
-we are to get up off our comfy spiritual couches and actually RUN THE RACE!
-we are to focus our eyes on Jesus, the one who accompanies us on our race and is there to pick us up when we trip and fall.  He gives us each our own race to run and it will be different in many ways from the others around us.

I met all kinds of other congregants in the coffee room both before and after the service. A Congolese family of ten that have recently arrived from a refugee camp in Tanzania was particularly interesting to talk to. That was fun.  My friend and I had an excellent lunch at a restaurant before I came home.  We visited and ate and shared for about 2 hours.  It was wonderful. I managed to stay awake on both drives and that was a near miracle as I was so tired this morning.

My husband had a great day working on some articles he is writing for publication and otherwise allowed himself to feel relaxed all day, just enjoying his work related project with no out of the home committments.

We watched some Olympic boxing matches after supper this evening and had our own good visit together.  Now it is getting to be past 10:30pm and I have to be up before 7am to get to my 1 year check up with the surgeon who repaired my hip.  In 3 weeks time it will be a full year since I fell....I can't believe it. It seems like it happened last week in some ways, the time has gone so quickly....although during the worst part of the recovery the time dragged on and on, hour by endless hour.  Funny how our minds process and remember painful times.

So glad my husband has tomorrow off work.  We can run some errands after my hospital appointment.  Tuesday we have our first eye appointments since we came husband is in desperate need of new lenses....another financial "ouch", but it absolutely has to be done immediately.

A good week is on the horizon.  Lots to accomplish and some fun scheduled in as well.


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