Monday, August 15, 2016

Aced My One Year Follow Up Exam

I am so grateful for the good news from my one year follow up. The "very nasty break" in my hip has healed perfectly and everyone at the clinic was encouraging and positive about my recovery! Thank you Dr. DeJager, thank you physiotherapist Serge, thank you supportive, praying family and friends, thank you God. 

The surgeon and I agreed that removing the pin head would likely create more immediate problems than it would solve: another surgery to recover from this year, more muscle impairment and no change in the fact that ten or so years from now I will most likely have to have a total hip replacement due to the arthritis there. On today's x-rays I could see plainly the spurring the arthritis causes. I could also see the entire system of pins and plates, even the inner "braking system screw" that pushes all the other hardware together to prevent slippage and compact the fractured bones to speed healing. I find it all quite fascinating! All that amazing hardware system is right there under my own skin! I can walk because of it! 

I admit to a bit of obvious pride in telling the surgeon about how far I can walk before I get tired and start limping. I told him about my wonderful physiotherapist and he agreed, grudgingly, haha, that I had been more correct than himself about what kind of physio was needed. Doctors rarely admit such things so this endeared him to me all the more. 
He watched me speed walk diwn the hall and was delighted with my lack of impairment. 

My husband decided to come with me this morning, so we walked to the hospital and back. That was a bonus. Remembering to wear a summer dress with bare legs so I wouldn't have to waste time changing into a gown for x-rays was another bonus. The sunny day with pleasant temperature and no wind was yet another bonus.

The day is young yet, but it has begun well.

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