Thursday, August 18, 2016

And Just Like That....GONE!! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Over the spring and summer the damage from the last few years of tent caterpiller infestation and tree diseases here became apparent in two of the large trees in front of our unit....a pine tree and a poplar.  They were pretty much dead and destroyed. Last month some employees of our management company marked each of the two trees with a large, red, spray painted X.

Today the tree removal company came and removed both trees.  Sigh....o  my, it looks rather barren in front of our bedroom windows now.  There is still a raggedy looking spruce tree and there are two narrower pine trees that are also sporting some dead branches that were never pruned out this spring, but our privacy is being whittled away bit by bit as the trees continue to die.

We will now have lost quite a bit of our protection from the hot sun that comes around to those windows in the later afternoon, as well as the extra privacy the large  branches afforded even in their denuded state.

What is amazing to me is how quickly the huge trees can be removed.  In less than a half hour both trees, both well over 30 feet in height, had been cut down, sawn into pieces and mulched for take away, the fallen brown needles,  dead leaves and small branches raked up and put into bags to be tossed into the garbage bin here.  I am guessing that, like the last time trees were removed, another company will appear sometime in the next couple of days to root out the huge stumps.

I love trees....all trees....and as much as I know these trees had to come down, I felt sad to see them go, dead branches and all.

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