Thursday, August 4, 2016

Another Fabulous New Indian Restaurant in Regina...Dosa & Curry Garden

Tonight neither of us felt like facing cooking and dishwashing chores, so after work I picked my husband up and we headed out to find something new and exciting in the way of a restaurant meal.

Ooooh, so VERY glad we did!  First we drove past the new Japanese fusion restaurant but they are not done all their renovating and will not be open for a few weeks yet.  On the way to another restaurant that was our second choice, we noticed a new eatery has opened in the former Bombay House on Albert Street.  Bombay House disappeared a few months ago, much to our disappointment.

I wasn't sure I was up to Indian food after two disappointing meals in my former favourite, Da Wat on the east side, but it was getting past my appointed meal time and I was getting crabby as my blood sugar tumbled.  So, in we went to try out the new Dosa and Curry Garden: 2143 Albert Street.  (I am including the address in case those of you in or near Regina get a chance to go there sometime in the near future.  It is SO worth it and perhaps if they develop a large clientele early on they will keep the quality high. Their website is not up and running yet after being open only 3 weeks, but I will keep checking back to see when the menu is posted.)

O my, o was absolutely fabulous food, beautifully presented, perfectly cooked.  My husband was able to confirm to me that it wasn't just my low blood sugar that appreciated the food; it truly was delicious!  The food was nicely spiced, a few small zings of hot pepper but there is a lot of variety on the menu; dishes with little hot spicing and some very hot indeed...something for everyone.

My husband wasn't in the mood for their specialty, the dosa dishes, so we ordered instead a variety of other dishes:

-chicken masala that had just a tiny, zingy bite of hot red pepper in the gravy
-super hot, fresh naan
-lentil balls in yogurt with toasted coconut and lime chutney, to DIE for DELICIOUS!
-white rice with green peas and fresh mint leaves
-vegetarian balls made of ground veggies and ground cashews in a coconut and cashew curry, again just a hint of hot.  
-chai masala without the sugar added, which meant I could have it as was, while my husband was free to add sugar to taste.  

All the dishes were beautifully presented as well as all being very, very tasty. The entire meal came to just under $42, including taxes and we have a rather large portion left over that my husband is taking to work for lunch tomorrow.  So, had there been 3 of us dining tonight to use up what was left over from the 2 of us, it would have been $14 a person!  Unbelieveable!

Keep up the high quality and flavours, as well as your reasonable prices, new restaurant owners and staff....we will definitely be back and bring as many friends as we can to introduce them to your fabulous food!    

The restaurant appears to be run by very strict adherents to Islam so there is no alcohol served, the representational art painted on the walls by the previous tenants completely covered with greenery and the wait staff automatically speaks and takes the orders from whatever man may happen to be seated at the table unless that man asks the women to order their own dishes.  Even after that the wait staff will check the order with the manJust so you know that Islamic culture is somewhat observed there. Prairie women: don't be offended by that cultural difference, just enjoy the experience and especially the food! YUM!

Our entire evening became international in scope when we arrived home to an invitation from our Muslim neighbours to come over again for hibiscus tea and a visit.  He is wanting a friend to talk about theology with and so my husband appears to be that person! hahaha  They were having a great time while we women giggled at them and talked about our own experiences with God.  I wish they were not moving so soon across the city, but they will come over for dinner next week and we can make plans to stay in touch.  They are a nice family, moving partly to get their boys into a safer housing situation as the drug dealers living in a unit near us are creating some problems of late.

Thank you Lord for yet another good day...AND a possible pool party tomorrow!  

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