Monday, August 1, 2016

Discovering the Joys of Almond Milk

I have been looking for ways to get more dietary calcium and use fewer supplements.  Unsweetened almond milk seems to be a possiblity for me.

The brand I am drinking right now, Silk, has 0 grams of carbohydrate, extremely low fat and although it has 40 more milligrams of sodium per one cup than 2% milk, sodium is not my biggest health issue, so that is okay. One cup also contains more than 30% of my daily calcium intake.

It makes it possible for me to eat a better variety of carbs at breakfast instead of using up an entire carb unit on a glass of be honest I don't like the taste of milk, never have.  It also provides a 0 carb between meal snack if I feel the need to have one.

The unsweetened almond milk doesn't have a lot of flavour, but it is filling and a great way to enjoy a cold drink that is relatively healthy compared to sodas or sugary fruit juice drinks. It also doesn't contain the calcium draining caffeine that colas and iced teas/coffees contain.

My new osteoporosis specialist took some time to share with me some of the recent findings recorded in medical journals that an over abundance of supplemental calcium may contribute to heart issues and kidney stones. There seems to be less evidence all the time, rather than more, that it actually helps in the control of osteoporosis anyway.  Thus my attempts to find better sources of dietary calcium instead of relying so heavily on the supplements.  I have also taken to consuming more Vitamin D as that seems to be the problem in my specific case.  My body doesn't utilize the calcium it takes in without extra Vitamin D at meals.

When we were on holidays in June in Alberta I noticed one of our friends had a large carton of almond milk in her refrigerator so I asked her about it.  If she wasn't totally enthusiastic about the flavour, she was enthusiastic about the dietary sources of calcium and low carbs, so now I am trying it and quite enjoying it.

If diabetes is not your issue but you still want to cut down on carbs, you may prefer the sweetened almond milk, but I am quite content with the unsweetened variety.

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