Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Don't Tell ME I'm Crazy for Trying!!

When I told some of my friends and my husband's colleagues that I intended to meet some of our neighbours in the complex by hanging out near the parking lot garbage bin, their reactions ranged from mildy amused, to patronizing, to downright disgusted.  teehee  Weeeeeellllll, sorry people, but it has worked rather well for me.

I have met and become aquainted with several of the families in our court and have been having tea and visits at their homes and they in mine over the past few months.  Tonight the Muslim family in the other end of our building are coming for dinner after us going there several times for evening tea and visiting.  I am planning a small BBQ style meal for the young family in the building beside us and that will probably take place next week. The student girls across the court are thawing considerably toward this old gal and are getting quite chatty when we are all out in the parking lot. I am slowly getting to know the young couple who moved in right beside us in April.  ETCETERA! It is all good.

So, detractors of my rather unorthodox method of finding out who lives here and who might be open to becoming aquainted, nyah, nyah, nyah!!  hahahahaha

I feel like a one woman "Lonely No More" group.  haha  

Don't let anyone tell you it is difficult to meet people here in Regina.  Join a choir. Join a church.  Hang out by the rental unit garbage bin...hey, whatever works!

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