Sunday, August 21, 2016

Goodbyes are always so difficult!

Our Egyptian neighbours moved out yesterday, bound for their new house across the city.  Today they returned to clean the suite and then came over to say goodbye.  It is most likely we will be seeing them again once they are settled, but it is still difficult to lose such friendly, good neighbours.  You never know who will move into the building next, but each move out sets up a small degree of paranoia, particuarly when we have been so surprisingly fortunate in the many months we have lived here.  The people in our particular building have been fabulous for the most part, quiet at least and the majority of people in the rest of the buildings in our court have kept themselves to themselves with only rare occasions of disturbance. 

In a city like Regina, becoming known once again for all the shootings that take place each day, finding a relatively safe rental area has been a huge blessing.  Here's to new, quiet, good, dog-free neighbours arriving in the suite at the other end of the building now that our friends have moved out.

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