Friday, August 26, 2016

Grape Coke and Other Goodies!

I have a new taste treat to enjoy on occasion: caffeine free diet Coke with a squirt of Dasani Grape flavour drops!  If I am out of fresh limes and lemons, those grape drops do very well!  

I am enjoying 0% Source blackberry yogurt mixed with No Sugar Added chocolate Jello pudding for a noontime dessert a few times a week.

We finally got out to La Bodega restaurant with some friends.  It wasn't fabulous.  The crustini appetizers were very nice but some of the bread on the tappas plate was incredibly, tooth-breakingly stale, although the hummus, black olive and salsa dips were good.  My husband and I shared The Saber....literally 20 oz. of large beef cubes served on a long saber.  Unfortunately, about 10 oz. of what we received was tough, inedible gristle and fat, but what meat we could salvage was most delicious and tender.  The tiny baby potatoes were cooked beautifully, but other than 2 cherry tomatoes and 2 slices of cucumber, there were no other veggies.  The price was good enough, particularly when split between the 2 of us and the Don David wine was excellent.  It was an odd combination of truly delicious and genuinely dreadful....we will go again sometime and try other things to see if they were just having an off night.  It happens.......we did have wonderful fun with our friends so that made up for a lot.

Yesterday I had a great time downtown shopping for shirts that will fit my teensy, elderly father.  After much searching, some purchasing followed immediately by returning same, I finally found some lovely knit shirts in the Bay, men's size small, knit Haggar casual shirts.  One is kind of a navy and the other a light sea blue.  I stumbled across 2 lovely blouses for my mom on the way out of the store, so just had to get those as well.  In all I think I looked, seriously, at several hundred shirts between 2 department stores, desperately seeking a size small that is actually small enough for dad.  I sent the parcel express post and my parents got their gifts today.  Hallelujah!  THE SHIRTS FIT JUST FINE!  Well, even if that isn't quite the whole truth, Dad loves them and was wearing one today.  Mom was thrilled to have a couple of new blouses as well.  Today I mailed them the next novel in a series we are all reading so hopefully the post office doesn't go on strike before it arrives.

The weather is nice again now and should be for a few more days.  I like these low mid +20C days.  There was a bit of rain coming down as I stood in line waiting for the blood lab to open this morning for my A1C test but other than a few dark clouds there were only a few more sprinkles just before dinner this evening, none of the predicted thunder storms happened.

I decided to throw caution to the wind in terms of the burgeoning late summer wasp population and walked the 5 blocks to the post office this morning.  Only a couple of them bothered me, so my walk was more pleasant than I dared to hope.  I have to be careful because of severe allergies, but I can't stay indoors during prime walking weather because of a few wasps!

Tomorrow I am going with a friend to an outdoor symphony concert, among other events, at Motherwell Homestead, about an hour north east of Regina.  I have never been there before and it will likely be a day long battle with mosquitoes and wasps, but I will take my bug repellent, stay away from the food service area, wear a hat to prevent sunstroke and hope for the best. The music is the drawing card, along with a chance to spend time with a new friend.

My husband leaves Sunday for his canoe trip and I will head off to church.  O so nice to have the car available. I  may even live dangerously and go with our congregation for coffee after the service at a nearby McDonalds. hahahaha  Oooh, livin' high on the hog!

A friend from Ontario called today with the great news that her husband has been rehired after the summer break to return to a most enjoyable job at a college.  This is most delightful news as he wasn't sure he would be able to know how it is with today's budget issues for institutions of higher learning.

Lots of good things going on these days. I am enjoying life for the most part. 

Not so much a former parishioner, Anne, who had a serious stroke a couple of days ago and is struggling to recover in hospital.  Anne is a go-getter, world traveller, architect hound and museum enthusiast.  I can hardly believe this has struck her down.  Please send up a prayer for her recovery if you are so led. 

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