Monday, August 15, 2016

How Do You THINK They Felt, You Ninny???

I confess to having watched almost zero coverage of the Rio 2016 summer Olympics.  Other, stronger interests than sports have been occupying my time.

I did however happen to see the beach volleyball semi-final where our Canadian team was soundly trounced by the Germans.  Immediately after the match a CBC interviewer popped up in these womens' tear streaked, distraught faces and cheerily asked them how they were enjoying their Rio experience.  Good grief on earth do you think they were enjoying Rio right at that moment of stunning loss???  

I admire the 2 Canadian women.  They did not respond to the reporter with any sort of false bravado, no joy, no smiling countenances.  They were upset,  they were crying, they could barely respond to that or any subsequent question, although once they recovered their composure somewhat each of them tried to give a rational answer.

What kind of insensitive ninny approaches 2 world class athletes who have just suffered excruciating disappointment and blabbers questions at them in such an overly inflated cheery manner?  It was bizarre!!

If you want to ask that sort of question in that sort of way to an Olympic athlete, why not choose someone who has just won a medal? Or at least has made it to the medal round?  Or the semi-finals?  The quarter finals?? Rosie Maclennan, our flag bearer and gold medal trampolinist for example.....

Sorry for the rant.  I just get so annoyed at the stupidity of some of the media coverage at the Olympics.......particularly the inane interviews.  My general reaction when I hear those interviews is at best: Meh....why bother?  
Or at worst:  Honey, shut off the tv, NOW!

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