Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In the Misty Morning!

It rained overnight and has drizzled on and off all day. If we are fortunate our daytime high will reach +15C this afternoon...right about the time more chilly rain arrives. Today is a disappointing reminder that summer is drawing to a close and autumn is on the way. Sigh....until today I have been happily avoiding any thoughts of the pending winter.

My husband and I think this has been one of our happiest summers in many years. Having holidays in June has helped promote that feeling. Coming back to work as summer is amping up instead of winding down has made the summer seem longer and more relaxed. My husband has all ready applied for June holidays again next year!

Monday was spent shopping together for groceries and other last minute supplies for next week's canoe trip. We had fun just boppin' through a few stores we rarely buy from. I am glad to discover a few stores I was not aware of previously, because our neighbourhood store is closing next year once the new Real Canadian Superstore opens....a ten minute drive away. I am so disappointed as the local YIG store has been great for walking a couple of blocks to pick up milk and produce between major loads, also purchased there. What a pain. I have registered my complaint about the closure with parent company Loblaws, for all the good it will do. Drat!!

Tuesday my husband worked on packing canoe trip supplies while I enjoyed a movie (ok, we both hated the movie...which shall remain unnamed here) and dinner, with some window shopping in between. I am so grateful to my friend for taking me to the bank to pay a due bill and to a store for a new alarm clock. I had planned to drive out today to run both those errands today and our car has a dead battery. It will be late this afternoon or tomorrow before that is taken care of. Blessings to my friend for helping me yesterday, more than either of us even knew.

So today is a cooking day, using up some veggies that are starting to look somewhat peaked. Must get back to it and get finished up so I can get washing what seems like several hundred dishes scattered across the kitchen. Tomorrow I shop for shirts for my dad....if I can get the car battery charged.

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