Thursday, August 4, 2016

It Had To Be Done!

I took a close look at my address book the other day.....the actual, "hard copy book". What a mess of scratched out changes of addresses and telephone numbers, names crossed out with the word "deceased" written beside them, contact info for the past 10 years of doctors and dentists, clinics and medical labs I will never have reason to visit is difficult to locate the addresses and telephone numbers of people and businesses I actually need to be in touch with, so scratched out, white'd out and torn out are the pages in the book. Time for a new one!

Well, finding a new address book turned out to be far more difficult and time consuming than I would have believed!  In the past 2 days I have been everywhere from WalMart to Hallmark, PharmaSave to London Drugs,  Dollarama to the Bay with no success.  Then this morning I remembered that my last possible hope was most likely Staples.  Sure enough, they had a few left and even a variety of 3 or 4 styles from which to choose.  I nearly purchased two of them in case, like the Dodo Bird, they eventually become completely extinct as more people use only their iPhones and iPads to list their contacts.  AND when the power goes out and the "hotspots" shut down, I and I alone will know how to get myself to the homes of friends and family!! All the info will be written in pen in an actual book! Nyaa haa haaa........teehee.

I spent part of the afternoon making the transfer of information from one book to the next and will finish up tomorrow.  The new book is slightly smaller and will fit better into purses and suitcases when travelling.  So delighted to find it!  Thank you Staples for not giving up on old Dodo Birds like me who still like hand written information on file.

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