Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Moose Jaw Camera Club Festival of Words Exhibit

Yesterday we had the privilege of viewing the Moose Jaw Camera Club and Assiniboia's Group of Ten exhibit at Carol's Catering and Restaurant, located on Highway 1 along Moose Jaw's north service road.  

I wasn't sure what to expect, but what a pleasant surprise.  All the photo images are based on the books and poems of this summer's featured Festival of Words authors that the photographers read and then attempted to capture images and the spirit of particular readings.

The quality of the 22 photos has a bit of range, but it is obvious the photographers tried very hard to capture the essence of whatever author's work each had read.  If you live in the area and have a chance to go over to the restaurant and check it out it is well worth a viewing.

We were privileged to have a private viewing from the MJ Camera Club Events Coordinator so were given lots of extra information about how the exhibit came together, the application process, the differences between straight camera shots and some of the special techniques used to enhance the photographs, how and why the photos were framed and hung the way they were, a bit of personal history of each photographer, some information about many of the was a comprehensive viewing and we really enjoyed learning about it.

Over a tasty lunch together after our viewing we had more opportunities to discuss this year's exhibit and talk over some ideas for expansion of the project for next year.  

What a lovely way to spend a lazy afternoon on a warm day!  My husband enjoyed his day off....good weather, a safe drive on dry pavement, a chance to go to the Caronport library and get some new research items, a cultural exhibit, lunch with good friends...yup, a good day all around.  He was content to return to work today as his days off this week were so fulfilling.

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