Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our Meal Did Not Disappoint!

Oh what a great meal and a great visit my friend and I had this evening.  Dosa and Curry Garden did not disappoint!  I can't wait for the next opportunity to go.  We had a major entree each, (a spicy fried chicken on a bed of grilled cabbage and a spicy Indian/Mandarin chicken fusion...both fantastic), a large bowl of rice and a basket of naan and our total bill with taxes came to only $32.  Unbelievable!!  

What also delighted us is the way Regina is embracing this great Indian food!  The little restaurant was completely filled with patrons by the time we left tonight.  Most of them were Indians and the rest were prairie Canadians newly enthused about such amazing ethnic food.  O how Regina has changed over the past 10 years...and for the better when it comes to restaurants.

A delightful meal and a great visit with my new friend.  AND tomorrow I shop for groceries in the morning and books in the afternoon!  Another truly fun day to look forward to.

I really miss my husband this week, more than I usually do when he is away. I think it is because we had a more fantastic summer together than we have had in a very long time.  We saw more of each other in the last 3 months than we ever have before in summer and it was a super treat for me.  I am counting the hours until he comes home even though he has to return to the office only a few hours after his arrival.

He will be happy to find some fresh garden veggies that were delivered today by a parishioner, as well as a new turtle necked tee shirt from Mark's.  I found one this afternoon as I wandered through the store on my way to the theatre.  There was one left in his size on the clearance rack and I got it for under $10!  He will be delighted.

My friend Nan is having her hip replacement surgery on Friday after a delay, so she is pretty stoked that it is finally happening. She has been in bad pain this week with her hip so is prepared for the long recovery period, knowing that pain will be gone in about 39 hours time!  Please keep praying for her. Thanks!

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