Monday, August 8, 2016

People Are Funny, Eh?? Hahahaha!!

Yesterday's church service was a comedy of errors, hahaha.

For the month of July we combined our service with the United church congregation that shares our space. All the services were Anglican and we were in charge of them.  Now, for August, the United church leaders and congregation are doing all United Church services.

Yesterday was the first United Church service.  Their leader had forgotten that my husband isn't allowed to participate in any of the liturgy or distribution of communion elements because of his Anglican vows and so my husband was given a big part, at the last minute, in a special communion liturgy written by John Bell from the UK.  It was excellent but my husband had to make a bit of a compromise on his promise to the bishop so as not to appear stuffy and mean spirited.  hahaha Fortunately he was able to rewrite a few of the lines in his part of the liturgy to make the compromise work.  O my, it was a stressful start to the day.  The United Church leader had returned from a long driving holiday just the night before and was a bit tired, dibbled, forgetful of his role and fighting a terrible cold.  The poor man did an amazing job in the midst of all his illness and exhaustion, poking in the service elements he forgot in other places in the liturgy.  

His sermon, from Job 42: 1-17, was very good and he had some of his own recent life stresses and pains to reference with the story.  I love that chapter of Job: he and God have finally established their reference to each other at that point and Job has received restoration of much of his life by then.  It is such a realistic ending to such a story...restoration, yes, blessing and mercy after suffering so much, yes, but not everything could be restored exactly as it was before, such as the children he had who died during his time of disaster.  

The next funny thing that happened was when the first group of people went forward for communion.  Everyone that went up were United Church congregants who happened to have been regular attenders at our July services, so they stood in one line across the front of the altar and waited for the elements to be brought to them, first the bread and then the wine.  hahaha  Since that is not how the United congregation usually does it, it threw off the people giving the elements  and they looked a bit confused.  My husband was the first to be served the cup and out of habit he had eaten the bread all ready, then grabbed the cup out of the server's hand and drank right out of it.  SO the United minister then had to remind everyone that we were now doing communion the United Church way, so there was to be one station for the bread, then each person was to carry their bread to the other station for intinction into the grape juice (eeeeuuwwwww, JUICE instead of wine...eeeerrwwwwww).  My husband felt so badly for starting his whole row off about force of habit. hahaha  Then he had to apologize for loudly gagging on the grape juice as he had not been expecting that. hahaha  I don't think that many people heard him...I hope....I DID, hahahahaha.

The lady handing out the bread was so thrown by it all that she started tearing off huge chunks of the leavened bread and handing them out.  After the next 10 or so people had intincted their bread into the juice the leaders had to find another cup to pour fresh juice into as the first cup was so clogged up with bread crumbs. hahahaha

Anglicans are not supposed to do intinction as it adds even more peoples' hand germs to the wine...or juice in this case...and I was glad I was not participating yesterday.  I would have gagged just looking at the soggy bread crumbs in the first cup.  hahahaha

O we have lots of laughs over the summer at our church services.   

We were both tired out by the time church ended after some partiucularly lousy, short sleeps over the past week. When my husband realized he didn't actually have an assigned role at the Yorkton service he decided we wouldn't take on the long drive there and back.  The priests who are leaving there are good friends so we are arranging another time to get together, just the 4 of us, for a proper goodbye before they move away.

This morning I purchased a massive load of groceries, we have done some pension business in preparation for my husband's turning 65 next year, he is out with a canoeing friend to look for more dry barrels and then after lunch we have more pension stuff to attend to.  O wow, all this pension planning is so complicated and stressful in our attempts to find the best way to receive, share and save that money without having to pay massive income taxes when it starts arriving...who knew there was so much to it?  We are so financially ignorant after being so hand to mouth poor for so many years...pathetically so.  Next week we are meeting with a financial advisor to find out what is best for us to do.  Ack!  Money....the bane of my existence.

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