Saturday, August 20, 2016

Special Gifts For My Husband

My husband has received some wonderful and very unexpected blessings in the past two days, both in the form of gifts; one from a good friend and from his boss.  He has never been one to receive much in the way of  "just because you are a good friend/valued employee" gifts. He doesn't expect gifts, in fact rarely feels worthy of receiving them. So, when he received a comprehensive atlas of Canadian canoe routes from one friend and a brand new mountain bike from the Bishop it has all left him nearly speechless. I am so happy and excited for him. He picks up his bike on Tuesday and I expect to see little of him for the next few weeks as he rides it around the city. He purchased a few needed accessories for it so it will be customized for his use. The canoe routes atlas will be used in a week's time for planning this year's canoeing extravaganza. He can hardly believe this is all happening. 

The Bishop is purchasing a gift for each of the office employees to show his personal appreciation for all the extra hours they put in each week and their dedication to excellence. Amazing! He is a cycling enthusiast and found a discontinued line of mountain bikes at his favourite bike shop for about 75% off the regular retail price. My husband is going to donate his present bike to one of our Iraqi refugees who is missing the bike he had to leave behind when he came here. 

I have been blessed in my life with many generous, loving, giving friends and have received more gifts from them than I ever had a right to. So, it is such fun for me to see my husband experiencing these same types of blessings. 

Thank you Lord for encouraging my husband at a difficult time in his life. When you know you have friends you can cope with the hard times in life so much more easily. What blessings have found their way to him this week.

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