Thursday, August 11, 2016


Weather: brrrrr, baby it's cold outside!  After several weeks of daytime highs in the +28C to +34C range, today's present temperature of +12C, looking forward throughout the weekend to highs of +20C-+22C, is nearly bone chilling in comparison.  It has been raining so much outside for the past 2 days...again...and I am thrilled the sealant my husband put on the leaking basement wall seems to be holding well.  Next week is to be dry and warmer again. Well....we'll see!

Prayer Requests: Cee is doing somewhat better.  His team of surgeons and specialists have made some choices that will save him a major bone surgery and he is hopefully up to some weight bearing and some wheelchair mobility very soon.  YES!
--Nan has had her hip replacement surgery rescheduled for Sept. 2, so that will be a day to pray lots and lots for her and her recovery.
--Mom and Dad are hanging in bravely.  Over the past few weeks they have had more opportunities to get out for an hour or two here and there with friends.  It has cheered them immensely and Dad is managing to socialize as long as he continues with long rests in between.
--My husband has lost enough weight now to have to tighten his belt by a good notch.  He has his heart stress test tomorrow morning and I am not sure how that will go.  Obviously hoping for the  best results.
--I have my 1 year hip surgery check up on Monday morning.  There are still some minor problems and discomfort, but compared to even 2 months ago there has continued to be improvement in muscle tone and joint rotation. I am just going to keep plugging away at working on those specific areas of improvement.  If there is no more improvement, well, I can live this way if I have to.  When I think of how much worse it could have much worse it was originally thought to be by the surgeon....well, I am some grateful for this outcome, that is for sure.  I can still walk unaided!  I can bend over from the waist to pick things up off the floor. I can kneel down on my hands and knees. I can bend my bad ankle and  hip sufficiently to perform most tasks, perhaps a bit more slowly and awkwardly than previously, but I can put on my own socks and pantyhose without assistance after all!!  hahaha 
--Our son's eye continues to be all right. The hole in the cornea is healing well and the rust spots have not moved or changed form.  His US longer term visa is nearing completion and he hopes to be in NYC in October to have a final meeting with his immigration lawyer and get the last couple of required letters from university profs and other artists in order to complete the process. NOW, if some outstanding income tax rebate money will just arrive in his account he will be able to pay the lawyer the rest of his fee and really get this show on the road....being short of finances right now, despite such hard work, is taking its toll on his life, at the moment anyway.  He has a small show of some of his recent works, along with those of another artist, in a little gallery in Williamsburg NY in October so that is a very good thing.  I am going to make certain he is able to fly down to attend the opening! 
--My husband and I have found an eye doctor to try and are seeing her next Tuesday.  My husband is in desperate need of new lenses and I am hoping there has been little change in my eyes since last year.  So far I seem okay.

Church life:
--I am on my way to Moose Jaw this coming Sunday to hear my friend preach and my husband has a choice of a couple of places he should be in attendance at in his role as ExAD.
--Tonight is a potluck dinner and meeting with Bishop Daniel from South Sudan at our church. So far over 30 folk have signed up for the dinner and we are expecting even more for the talk afterward.
--On the 21st we are heading out of town for my husband to take a service.  I will go as driver assistant.
--It feels very odd that this is my husband's last month as priest at St. Philip and yet he is not taking any of the services because of August being the time for the United church congregation and leaders to run things.  Glad he is going to preach at St. P as usual for his 3 weeks in Sept. and again in Oct. as that will seem more like the end of his time there than this month does. I see him all ready more relaxed in his office work now that he knows it will soon be the only focus of his ministry.
--I am still praying and seeking the Lord, and will continue to do so, about what I should do about a church for myself to attend when we are through at St. P. I need to be free to travel sometimes with my husband, when my presence is appropriate, but there will be many weekends where he is gone all weekend doing a teaching seminar for out of town parishes and no place for me there.  With not having my own vehicle getting to any church in this city on reduced transit service Sundays can be problematic when he is away, plus I will have choir practises on Sunday afternoons once again.

Social Life:
--we had such a great time with the Muslim neighbours the other night.  I so enjoy their boys, aged 9 and 6.  The 9 year old had to get his parents' house keys after dinner so he could go home and get something and we told him it wouldn't be long before he would be asking for those keys so he could take the car for a drive. He absolutely beamed...his whole face lit up with anticipation. So cute!  The youngest boy consumed the better part of an entire jar of olives with his dinner, plus had the most lemonade to drink, the most main meal (even having seconds on the rice and the veggies) and then topped it off with a large piece of the iced cream cake his mom brought us, with an added piece of my almond cake topped with maple syrup. hahahahaha  That kid can EAT!  After dinner the men discussed the deep theology: what Jehovah and Allah have in common, why Jesus as part of God is blasphemy to the Muslims and why accepting Mohammed as a true prophet is a big stretch for my husband, why each religion has the belief that the other may be facing hell fire at the time of death....they are both impassioned evangelists.  It was hilarious to hear them talking.  After awhile we two women just moved farther away and had our own more quiet discussion of how we have seen God answer prayers and move in our lives.  It was a stimulating evening and we all look forward to getting together again in their new home. Unfortunately they are moving out of this complex in a couple of weeks' time, but we will still get together a few times, I am sure.  They are very lonely here as they have not met a lot of Egyptians in the city who are of their exact faith.  He is so delighted to have someone to discuss theology with, even if it is my Christian husband. hahaha He is a very soft hearted man.  I was thinking that if a jihad was called for here and he had to kill us as infidels, he would do it, but it would break his soft little heart.  hahaha  Sorry if that sounds really bizarre but it is what I thought at the end of our evening together.
--tomorrow evening we are having dinner and a visit with the departing priests from Yorkton whose church farewell we had to miss last Sunday.  O how I am going to miss them.  We both will. They are great friends and we have so much in common in our life of faith. Well, now we will have an excuse to go visiting in that diocese during a holiday time and enjoy their services in a new environment.

Today is an ironing day after all the laundry I did yesterday.  I should get at it.  The sky is as grey and overcast and miserable looking as it was yesterday but we haven't had any rain yet, not since about 5am.  Showers are forecast again for this afternoon and tomorrow but next week is looking pretty dry.  

Have a happy day and a delightful weekend everybody!    

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