Friday, August 5, 2016

Why Am I So Blessed.... to end up living in a city where good friends have a big back yard swimming pool where I just spent 90 glorious minutes working my healing hip and enjoying a visit with my friend?!!?

The thigh and butt muscles closest to the new hip hardware are still deciding if they appreciated the work out in the water, but if not, well, tough for them! My mind is greatly relieved to discover I can manage to at least float and dog paddle around in the deep end of the pool without having hip hassles. My swim kick is a bit weak on that side, but it can be worked on. For whatever reason I am struggling with fear more after this latest round of broken bones than at any time previously. Overcoming the fear of falling is now as important as physically  recovering from this last disaster! 

What a beautiful summer day, a few degrees cooler than usual, the skies somewhat overcast and a slight breeze is keeping the insects moving! My friends keep their pool impeccably clean and balance the chemicals well so I never develop any skin rashes or itchiness after swimming there. If the weather remains pool worthy closer to the first of September, when my friends return from the holidays they are soon leaving  for, I will get a few more good workouts in the pool before the season ends! Yay! 

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