Monday, August 1, 2016

Yeah, Kinda Like Right Here!

"....The Middle Americans are by choice in that vast  featureless space, that oddly irrelevant no-man's land.  They have their reasons.... reasons we couldn't understand, or moral fiber, possibly.'d think every Nebraskan male knows how to put a horseshoe on a mule.  They know how to bring forth grain from dirt, or what a combine harvester is.  They get what happens to that brought-forth grain, the steps before the Cheerios.  The women knit long underwear and are adept at canning.
     The best Middle Americans are like this, anyway, pretty much old fashioned....their kids make charming toys from wooden boards, often with poking-out nails in them.  Not only that, those children are delighted with the products of their ingenuity; they go ahead and play with them.  Those children wave a splintered board and think of marvelous fairyland......the fact that honest Middle America, once plodding along reliably with combines for the menfolk, homemade preserves for the women and for the children some highly entertaining planks of wood, is now threatened by a growing subculture.....".

Lydia Millet, Mermaids in Paradise, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.; NYC, 2015.

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