Friday, September 23, 2016

A Perfect Autumn Day Followed By a Stellar Celtic Concert

Yesterday was the most perfect autumn day and I am so happy to have been able to enjoy it before the rains set in overnight from a big system coming up from the USA that is in the process of dumping about 75mm of rain on us over the next 2 days.

I started off the day with a beautiful, relaxing walk through piles of downed yellow leaves between our suite and the neighbourhood grocery.  The sky was overcast but the temperature was warm and the breeze was mild: long sleeve shirt weather, but no jacket required.

I finished a large housecleaning project back at home and then spent the rest of the day making a large batch of stew, some cartons of which will go to Calgary with us to resettle in my parents' refrigerator.  It should provide them with several lunches.  My husband and I had a good feed of stew for dinner last night with some hot, toasted whole wheat bread and a bit of a cheat on the amount of butter we slathered them with! 

The sky became more overcast as the day wore on, I had to put the furnace on for awhile as the winds became stronger and chillier.  However, when my friend picked me up later in the evening to go to the Celtic concert, I was still able to get away with wearing only a suit jacket over my blouse without feeling chilly.

The concert was amazing!!!  It ran on until after 11pm, so we had to slip out during the encore so my friend could get enough sleep to be in good shape for work today.  I didn't care.  I received more than my $25 ticket price from the entertainment in the first half of the show.  

If you love Celitic music and ever have the chance to see the touring group "Echoes of Erin", make sure you take advantage of it and attend their show.  They are world class performers: musicians, singers, dancers and story tellers.  It isn't a large group, but each member has many musical talents and abilities.  O my goodness, Regina is blessed so often with touring groups that are magnificently talented.  Given the chance I would go and see the exact same show again tonight!!  This particular tour was subtitled, "Echoes of 1916" and featured music that led up to the 1916 Easter Uprising in Ireland's struggle for political independence.  Some of the songs and stories would break your heart. 

From the brochure we received at the concert:
"It traces the quest for Irish cultural and political independence, beginning with the 1798 rebellion, moving on to Young Ireland in the 1840's, Fenianism in the 1860's and the Gaelic Revival of 1880's onwards. Echoes of 1916 culminates in the Easter rising which consolidated republicanism as a central part of Irish nationalism."

I am most grateful my friend told me about this concert and invited me to come to it.  What a great way to end a nearly perfect day celebrating the onset of the autumn season. Never have I been prouder of my Irish ancestry!

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