Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Productive Day Off

Although my husband and the Bishop spent part of their mutual day off today texting each other to set up the schedule of travel for the rest of the week, my husband still got a good sleep in this morning, some computer upgrades accomplished and had a good long phone chat with his sister.  

This morning I had my 4km walk downtown and back with a pitstop to get my hair cut. Ooooh, dat feels GOOD!!  After ending up with 2 meals out yesterday rather unexpectedly, as delicious as they both were, it was good to just eat plain meals at home today that are healthier for us both.  4 loads of washing, drying, folding and ironing of the laundry all afternoon filled the rest of the day nicely.

This evening we took some relax time to watch the boxing rematch between the Japanese fighter Kamegai and the Mexican fighter  Soto-Karass.  Wow, their rematch was the same all out brawl as their first match, but this time the body shots Kamegai laid on Soto-Karass took their toll and the fight was called off in the 8th round with Kamegai getting the win.  The Golovkin vs Kell bout is also on that recording but we didn't have time to watch it yet.  If Golovkin didn't win the fight I will be highly surprised!  With all my husband's work absences of late we have had to keep that recording for several days but so far I have managed not to find out if Triple G, my favourite boxer of late, managed to hold onto his winning streak of KO's.

Wonder how tomorrow will unfold......  My husband's plan to be out of town overnight tomorrow so he could be with the Bishop in 2 different parishes for meetings has been reduced to a day trip due to a sudden death among the retired clergy, resulting in a funeral on the second day my husband was to be away.  He will be home very late tomorrow evening, but he WILL be home. I admit to being selfishly glad he won't be gone as long as originally planned as he has to be out of town again on Friday, again arriving home extremely late at night.  I wonder what kind of condition he and the Bishop will be in for next week's 3 day clergy conference....it will be quite awhile before my husband gets back to his regular days off.  Very grateful the Bishop will soon be on his month of holidays and able to leave the country to go visit family overseas.  Hoping he comes back refreshed. The man is as exhausted as a person can get and still be able to stand upright.

So, "singing I go along life's road".........(do you remember the next line to that old hymn?)

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