Friday, September 30, 2016

A Refresher Course on the Old Lessons

I admit it: I have been struggling with the temptation to worry about our financial situation come my husband's retirement years.  I am not ashamed to be struggling with it, despite all the evidence...proof even....of God's faithful provision for us during the most horrendous times of our lives over the past 40 years, because I am so very human and God allows for me to be.  So grateful for his patience with me!!

Well, I did get a wee love tap on the wrist today and I am even more grateful for God's patient understanding of my human fallibility.

A few days ago my son missed his flight home from New York City.  He unfortunately struggles with the same form of dyslexia my husband is hindered by in the form of problems comprehending dates and times.  In my son's mind his :15 hour flight on Tuesday the 27th was translating into the following morning, Wednesday the 28th.

Due to incorrect information about that flight being sent to Flightstat, when I checked to see if he was airborn I got conflicting reports on its status, so I decided to try calling my son on his cell phone.  He answered right away and when I asked him where he was he replied that he was in in where else would he be??? When I told him he should be on a plane flying over Minnesota at that very moment, he impatiently informed me I was a day early.  I assured him it was himself that was a day late.  He checked his flight information on his iPad and there was a stunned silence coming across the telephone wires.  "O Mom, I can't believe I screwed up AGAIN!!!" (not his first flight miss as you can tell by his vehement response, teehee)

Short version of what happened next after a series of phone calls, emails and what have you between himself, the airlines and me:  by 5am he was in a cab on his way to John F. Kennedy Airport for a 7:30am flight to Seattle.  In Seattle he had a 3 hour wait for a shuttle back to Vancouver BC, about a 4 hour ride.  He arrived home exhausted and brutally upset with himself for misunderstanding what was going on.

Of course he had no money to pay for this extra flight, shuttle etc., having exhausted his resources to get to NYC in the first place.  I figured he likely had put everything onto his credit card to be able to book the flight and shuttle.  So, his dad and I discussed it, prayed a lot, then decided we needed to give him the money for his extra, unexpected travel expenses. We do so little for him it seemed like a good idea.

Well, that was the test for me:  were we being ridiculous not making him sacrifice more than he all ready has had to do with his finances of late?  Were we bailing out an adult man with our retirement money when he should be able to handle finding a way to pay off these expenses himself?  If you have struggling adult children, you know the drill.

Anyway, we sent the money as a gift, (our family doesn't give loans to each other), and decided the Lord would have to forgive us if we did the wrong thing and we shouldn't worry about a few hundred dollars anyway.


We have been looking at vehicles as our dearly beloved and elderly Toyota Corolla is on its last legs and my husband has a LOT of winter highway travelling to do in the coming months.  A friend has a vehicle, a 2011 Honda CRV, that my husband really likes but it costs more than we can afford right now.  Today she came to him and told him she would like to reduce the price for him so that she can ensure the vehicle goes to someone in ministry...a way to do some sacrificial giving on her part.  If you too have experienced the financial providence of God in big or consistent ways  you can probably guess how much she lowered her price:  yup, TENFOLD what we had given to our son for his travel glitch!!  Typical of the Lord to keep his own giving in a manner according to the scriptures, right????  hahahaha

So tomorrow we are going to have one more look at the vehicle, but I suspect we will end up buying it.  My son now feels far less upset about taking money from us, I am accepting my slap on the wrist from the Lord for being so tempted to worry after all he has done for us over the years and my husband is blown away with gratitude that he may be able to have this precious vehicle that, besides being in excellent condition and a little bigger than what we have had, can also carry his beloved canoe once a year to the lake! hahaha

The Lord's mercy and grace continues to abound and we are beyond grateful. He gives us more than we can ask or there's a true scriptural principle I need to remember more clearly the next time I am tempted to doubt!!

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