Friday, September 23, 2016

Aaaaargh!! I'm Too Full!

Tonight marks the end of our participation in the local annual Anglican Church fall dinners! I have watched my food intake quite well and made certain to get my evening exercise regime done....until this evening.

It started off well. I knew dinner would be served too late for me, so I dutifully had a small snack of  4 whole wheat crackers and a slice of low fat cheese at 4pm. By the time I was served my dinner it was well a after 7pm and I was ready to chow down.

Again, it started off so well. I avoided taking a bun, just had a small spoon of both the Caesar salad and home made baked bean medley, found the teensiest baked potato in the bowl and had less than a tablespoon in total of sour cream and crumbled bacon on my potato. I had a small glass of red wine to allow for a couple of forks-full of brownie dessert. Yup, I did all the right things, took all the correct amounts of food......until it came to the  BBQ'd steak! All the steaks were 10 ounces. Since I am allowed three ounces per meal, I knew I needed to cut off two thirds of that steak, wrap it and take it home for another day.

Did I do that? No....I did not.

My steak was a perfect medium rare. It had very little fat. It was so tender it was nearly melting in my mouth. I did not cut two thirds off the steak to take home for later. I just ate it.  I ate it all. I ate every last mouthful.

Ooooooo, it was delicious.

Ooooooo, I am now suffering despite the (somewhat shortened and diluted) post prandial exercise.

My stomach wants to split open from to top to bottom. It wants to burst out of the constraint of  my clothes and lie like the lumpy son the the Goodyear Blimp on my lap.

I am tempted so shed a few tears from the discomfort.

Oooooooo.....never more ten ounce steaks at one sitting.....discomfort, thy name is gluttony........

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