Friday, September 23, 2016

Again With the Travels for Work

My husband is now making plans to attend the next national Executive Archdeacons Conference....this November it is in Newfoundland!  He is terribly excited as he has not been to Newfoundland since 1973 when he worked on building housing for Metis and non-status Indians for the Toronto based group, Operation Beaver.  

I am happy for him.  Originally I had hoped to pay my own way to go along for the trip, but it is really too expensive with the recent and upcoming trips to see my parents.  Initially I was disappointed, but then it hit me: November!  Brrrrrrr!!!!!!  I think I can do without the long, blood sugar upsetting, plane flight only to arrive in a new place in miserable weather and having to find my way around on my own while my husband spends his days and most evenings in meetings.

I can be miserable in November right here in the comfort and relative "inexpensiveness" of my own home!!

November in Canada....blecch, pooey!!!

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