Monday, September 12, 2016

Another Successful Day For Which I Am Grateful!!

I had another good sleep last night, miracle of miracles, so woke up feeling strong and happy.  It was a good day for my trip out of town.

Despite the coldness of the day and dowses of rain showers at whipstitches all day, I had so much fun!  The drive to Moose Jaw was calm and the other drivers behaved themselves despite the frustrating slow down areas for road repaving and the rain wasn't that bad once I arrived in the city.

I so enjoyed arriving there just as the banks and stores were opening.  I was able to park my car exactly where I wanted to...but o my has the cost of downtown parking ever gone up!  It is still less expensive than most places though so no big deal.  Got some banking done while I was waiting for Gemmell Shoes to open, then had first rate service from their staff while I selected my new boots.  The faux leather on the new Reiker's is very very good once again, so I opted for that instead of paying out more money for good leather.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE proper leather boots, shoes and purses, but if any scratches or other damage happens it really can't be restored very well, as I have discovered in times past.  A second insole will bring even greater warmth to the shoe and the wool lining in the calf will ensure nice toastiness for my feet all winter long.

Next I dropped off a casserole for Nan. She and I and her husband had a great visit for nearly an hour.  It was so much fun to see her so encouraged about doing her physiotherapy and about life in general.  Losing constant chronic pain will do that, I suppose! hahaha  She looks marvellous!

Off to lunch with another dear friend over at Montana's.  I have not eaten at one of those places in quite a few years.  I think the menu has certainly improved...or at the very least, there are more salads and smaller portion options than they used to have.  We had a great visit and a ton of fun together.

A quick stop at Safeway to check out their new lower pricing system, pick up a couple of needed items and it was back out on the rainy highway for a good trip home again.  Stopped at my YIG store for the one item I couldn't find at Safeway, filled the car with gasoline and have been hibernating here at home for the rest of the afternoon, waiting for my husband to return from his staff retreat, also in  Moose Jaw.  It felt incredibly odd to know we were both in the same city away from home, yet unable to get together...just WEIRD!!!

Since I am not certain what time he will be home, I am trying to come up with something inventive and tasty for our dinner; something I can eat earlier than his arrival should that be necessary, but that can also stay fresh and tasty for him when he finally gets here.  

If it wasn't so blasted cold outside I would just say "Let's go out for dinner for tonight for this week's date!", but I know he will feel frozen to the bone by the time he gets home.  Our area only reached the grand high temperature of +8C today and tonight there is a serious frost warning from Central SK on to the southern portion where we reside....-2C or a bit colder. SO happy we have no tomatoes or other sensitive plants or flowers outside to worry about.  This too is to pass by tomorrow, with a good warming trend going on for a couple of weeks. After such a green summer around here it was shocking to see the nearly barren trees along the highway, dead leaves scattering everywhere and the blah brown of the harvested fields stretching out in all directions.

I got the guest room booked at my parents' facility for 3 nights toward the end of this month.  It seems so ludicrous to spend 2 full days driving for only 2 days there, but it is our only chance before the next round of craziness at my husband's job.  I do need to see them before the snow starts up again and we need to have our car with us to run the errands they have been saving up for us to do.

When our son returns from his travels we have to plan and execute a family party for my dad's 90th birthday, upcoming in January.  With his current state of health it is going to be most difficult to do....the dead of winter, so driving there is out. All 3 of us are going to have to fly in from our various destinations...our son may actually be living in NYC  by then if his plans continue coming together the way they have been. There will be car rentals, hotels......aaaaargh...will Dad even live that long?  Assuming of course that he does, do we invite the other cousins and friends who have been so good to him to come for a visit and wear him right out with exhaustion? Do we keep it a family event and hurt the feelings of everyone else?  Trying to plan any kind of celebration is difficult considering his health and the distance we and his grandson are away from him.  I am sure it will all work out, since enough prayer is all ready going into it, but in the meantime it is becoming increasingly difficult to know how to best honour him without creating even more issues for him and the family.  It may have to all happen a couple of months prior to the actual date in order for our son to be there....who knows?? Considering his health, is that even the best thing to do for Dad?

Well, off to find that creative solution to tonight's dinner!!  SO happy the day went so well.  I realized on the way home that a day out of town has been badly needed for me for some time.  My husband has had his canoe trip, this retreat, church services in other parishes out of the city and is facing 3 more absences this coming week for work, including at least one overnight mission, then is gone for three days the following week for Clergy Retreat.  I think, although so many of his trips have been work related rather than pleasure trips, I have been feeling a bit alone and housebound with the onset of winter and needed today to feel free and able to enjoy friends from elsewhere.   It was sort of a "go while the goin's good" kind of fun day!

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