Saturday, September 10, 2016

Awwww Geeeee Whiz!!

The daily prayer for today contained such thoughts as asking the Lord to help my husband remember my existence in the midst of his own, talk about written just for us!  One of the requests was that my husband would remember to ask me how MY day is going and what I am accomplishing in his absence.  

Well, I prayed that prayer fervently because my husband is so rarely home in Sept., meetings upon meetings as the church year starts up again after summer holidays, losing days off for staff and diocesan retreats and what have you.  It is so crazy he can barely hold his health together, but by the grace of God he has managed this past couple of years.

A few minutes ago the phone rang.  It was my husband to ask me how I am doing today and what is occupying my time.  Nice answer to that prayer from the book. Then he asked me to look out the front room window because he was going to drive past in about 10 seconds and wanted to wave at me as he drove to his next meeting.  I did that.  We waved and smiled at each other as he drove on past and I thought that was a cute thing for him to do.  My husband is not known for doing "cute" things at any time for any reason.

Anyway, talk about an instant answer to a small prayer, but an important one for marriages plagued by work and ministry "busy's". In the midst of a tiring day of cleaning this suite from top to bottom, it was a cheery and encouraging event!

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