Saturday, September 24, 2016

Busy Saturday Morning Despite the Rain!

It is 8:30am on this chilly day with the rain still pouring down. It is a most gloomy day.

However, I decided to be cheery and get a few things done: I have driven out to the east side to the Superstore to purchase the delicious Tong Garden peanuts only they seem to carry, to the bank, to the post office and lastly to the drive through oil change establishment for fresh oil and filters for the car. (perhaps THIS week's trip to Calgary will be the last one for the poor old vehicle??? How many times  in the last four or five months have I made that assumption??? Sigh......)

Now it is time for a shower. My hair needs a thorough washing and some styling before we leave tomorrow.  Guess some packing up of clothes and breakfast foods is in order as well.

I admit the long, monotonous drive tomorrow, to be repeated on Wednesday's return trip, is something we both have been dreading, but as the time approaches we are realizing how badly we need this time together to catch up on conversation about what we have each been up to this past two weeks. There has been zero time to talk together. Yuck! It will be easier for my husband to separate himself from work if we are far away. As it is he has several work related calls that have to be made from Calgary on Monday. This is the job that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend.....

How many thousands, millions, of people world wide are in the same position of overwork for insufficient return? Technology has not made our lives easier! It has crowded out the very leisure time it was supposed to increase. It has made us too accessible to bosses, friends, family and complete strangers. It has raised the level of expectancy as to our availability to everyone else. For us personally the benefits are being outweighed right now by the pitfalls.

Even our bishop, on his badly needed holiday in the U. K. is answering a certain number of work related emails and text messages each day.....ridiculous!

I am praying my husband will get some time away from his job expectations during this otherwise hectic, very short, family visit. They are going to amp up again when we return.

New topic: it amazes me how I can go to bed stuffed full of steak and wake up at 6:30am all ready for breakfast! Aiiii yiiiii......

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