Monday, September 5, 2016

C'mon Now, Summer Isn't Officially Over for another Couple of Weeks!!

Today SHOULD by rights have been our first day turning on the furnace, it was that cold, but we are a stubborn pair.  We bundled up with sweaters and thick socks and toughed it out.  At one point this afternoon my husband had a toque on his head!  My toes got so cold this evening when I was just sitting watching tv I got cramps in them until I put on even warmer socks.  

Autumn didn't just "arrive" today!  It slam dunked itself into Regina...BAM!  Just like that!  A day of rain and cold and wind that didn't even see the forecast daytime high of +18C.  Just over 48 hours ago I was walking outside in a balmy +32C!!  What a shock today was.

We had planned some walking around the city this afternoon, but ended up not even getting dressed today, let alone going out anywhere.  My husband spent the day linking his various computers together and other computer chores, while I treated myself to a day of sitting at the dining room table writing...with a pen and almost forgotten skill in this age of technology. was fun at the time, but now I have stressed all the muscles in my writing arm and shoulder and am in so much pain I am going to heat up the wheat bag, wrap it around my arm and get into a flannel nightgown and Japanese tradesman socks!  

Just a strange day.  Tomorrow will be better, both in terms of activity and weather....I hope......

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