Friday, September 9, 2016

Cool, Calm and Collected

The past 2 days have been a tad warmer, less rainy/windy.  They have been grand days for grocery shopping and other shopping excursions.

I have been in need of a fitted bottom sheet more or less the same colour as my coffee brown Sophie Conran bamboo sheet set.  I have had those sheets for nearly 5 years now and the top sheets and pillow cases are looking nearly new, but the seams in the fitted sheets are pulling apart rather badly.  I have mended the coffee coloured fitted sheet more than once and now the seams are beyond repair.  So, off to find another sheet.  I looked first in JYSK, knowing the dreadfully poor quality of their bedding, as in one step above a dollar store, but thinking if nothing else I could find a cheap bottom sheet for the extra foamie we have stored for the odd time we get an overnight guest who is able to adapt to that kind of sleeping arrangement on the floor of my husband's home library.  I scored well at JYSK.  The sheet is so thin it could be spit through, as my mom used to say, and there is a large streak from top to bottom that has been faded by the sun at some point, BUT it does the job and I paid almost nothing for it.  No wonder their policy is that no bedding can be returned....ever....even with the original filler starch still left in it to show it hasn't been washed....even unopened. What an absolutely crappy piece of cotton...BUT it does the job and I paid almost nothing for it.  teehee

This morning I headed over to Harbour Landing area and found a lovely fitted bottom sheet at Bed Bath and Beyond. It was fairly reasonably priced, not quite the right colour, but it is for my own bed, so I don't care.  It is close enough.  There were a couple of clearance cereal bowls that I picked up for a couple of dollars each so I can now get rid of the plastic "thing" I have been eating my oatmeal in for the past year or more.  Eventually I will get all the dishes replaced that broke in our last move.  These are lovely china bowls left over from what was originally a set of 6 and are in excellent condition.  "As is" turned out to be very fine in this case.  I wanted to get a second jewellery tree at JYSK but they no longer sell them and the BB&B trees were badly overpriced, so I can live without another one.

I received excellent news at our local YIG grocery.  It turns out the information I was given about it closing when the new Real Canadian Superstore opens up in a few month's time is completely inaccurate.  Our beloved store is NOT closing and the staff member who told me it was is no longer employed there..something was obviously going on there between her and the management.  Anyway, I am beyond delighted!  YAY!!

This is the start of autumn weather I so enjoy. The sky is filled with puffy clouds, there is only the slightest breeze and the daytime highs are in the low +20's C.  There will be a cold front coming through on Sunday and Monday when it will be rather chilly, but then we are back to glorious days like today for awhile.  

I am wearing my favourite pink cotton "India style" shirt today.  It is narrow in the shoulders, just like I need and has a flared bottom that covers any bit of muffin tummy left from the weight I gained over the winter. The weight came off again, but it has left a bit of residual in the middle!  Yuck!  Hopefully I can exercise that middle back to what it was like a year ago!  I love my soft cotton shirt.

My husband has the busiest day tomorrow: Finance Committee at the Diocese office most of the day, then a Cursillo planning meeting over at St. Luke's church in the middle to late afternoon, then dinner at a nice restaurant with the Bishop and the visiting Primate of Canada.  He will be driving all over the place, meeting all manner of folk and sorting out all sorts of details about this, that and the other thing.  He has been at evening meetings a number of times this week and is wondering where, other than POSSIBLY this evening, he is going to find time to research and write his sermon for Sunday morning at St. Philip!  I can hardly believe that after this Sunday he has only 5 more preaching appearances there. Technically he is no longer their priest, but with the United Church leading the August services, I am glad he has a few more weeks with St. Philip's congregation before he is completely finished.  It will continue to be my church and I will go whenever I can get there.  I can't help hoping my husband could be assigned as one of their honorary assistants so he is still free to attend there when he is not travelling around to other parishes on Sundays. That way he could  take a Sunday service once every couple of months to help out.

I will spend Saturday giving this suite a decent cleaning.  I will certainly have enough hours left on my own to do that!!

I need to print off and rehearse a hymn our little rag tag, occasional, church choir is singing on Sunday morning. I will need to set the altar for the Eucharist before church, stay after church to wash up the patens and cups and then get home for lunch so I can be ready to return to Amici choir at 1:30pm.  I am getting an early ride with one of the executive so I will be there in time to assist in setting up and getting my cheque ready to pay the term dues.  I am excited to be returning to a different director this year. She has TIME FOR US and is EXCITED to be leading us.  We have a paid accompanist.  I pray the former members will all return and give her a chance because I think it will be a lot of fun and it will be a lot more challenging work now.  I am happy to give it a try.  

Time to go cook up some turkey I bought today.  It looks nice and fresh and since there is no room in the freezer to put the package it is in, it needs to be cooked and enjoyed over the weekend.

No great, fabulous weekend plans here, but this week has been busy enough I will kind of enjoy staying home tomorrow with no deadline for getting the house chores completed.

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