Friday, September 2, 2016

Heading Home Today

I am hopeful that as I am writing this my husband and his canoeing buddies are packed up from camp and are paddling their way back to Missinipe to return the rental canoes.  I am hopeful the rain has held off in their area while they have been packing up.  I am hopeful that my husband will arrive home sometime BEFORE midnight this year....hahaha.  Is that what is called a "faint hope"?  haha  He has to go into the office for at least part of the day tomorrow to get emails and agendas sent to committee members for next Saturday's meetings.  The earlier he gets home tonight the earlier he will be able to go in to work tomorrow and actually accomplish a few things while there. 

I am preparing myself to be regaled with all manner of hilarious stories about the adventures the guys had out on the water. I am preparing myself mentally to see this entire suite covered in stinky, dirty camp gear over the weekend until my husband gets it all sorted out and put away.  I am doing my own laundry today so that I can spend tomorrow and Sunday washing my husband's camp clothes and towels. (Before you say anything about how he should be washing and cleaning up his own clothes, remember that our agreement is that he works out of the home to provide for us and I stay home and do most everything works well for us.)

The amount of preparation and planning that goes into a 5-7 day canoe trip seems all out of proportion to the time they are actually away, but at least I know they are not racing around haphazardly in the wilderness with no plan, insufficient safety equipment and not enough food.  

Maybe one of the reasons I never got into outdoor adventuring is because I am just too danged lazy to be bothered with the amount of planning and purchasing and arranging and renting and packing that goes into such a trip.

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Chris e. said...

Maybe one of the reasons you didn't get into outdoor adventuring is the same reason i never learned to do any plumbing repairs: somebody has to have the energy to clean up the mess!