Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hoping This is Just a Series of Coincidences!!

It has been more than a decade since my husband and I were last in Japan together.  It was such a perfect year I have never wanted to return.  The memories would be spoiled if we went back and experienced the many changes that have happened since then in Tokyo and with our former mission.

However, this has been a funny week of constant reminders of Japan.  When I was dusting in the den library the other day I knocked an old photo album off the shelf.  It is filled with many of our old, blurry, (at least in this day of digital photography they seem blurry to me in comparison), 3x5 photos of friends and scenery in Japan.  I took a look at the photos before I put it back and remembered some of the times we spent living there.  My reaction to the photos of my 5 year old girl English students was poignant.  I wonder where those now 20 year old women are today.  

I spent some time assisting my son in locating the university campus in Tokyo where the art book fair he is going to will be set up.  He sent me his flight information and we exchanged ideas on how to best get from his hotel in Roppongi area to the campus.  Yesterday he flew to Tokyo for the event.

On the weekend I recorded a boxing match that happened to feature a winning Japanese boxer on the undercard event.

Earlier this week I finished reading a book whose author is the owner of over 200 Japanese netsuke wood and ivory carvings.  The book traced the history of how they ended up in his possession.

Okay....all of  a sudden Japan is in my face every day of the week.  I am hoping, praying, this is just a coincidence, not an indication of any sort of return trip.  I am very happy right here in Canada thank you very much.  I am not much on world travel at this point in life and health.  The idea of ever having to plan another journey to the orient seems like a ton of work I don't want to face, what with visa applications, flight schedules, accommodation and on and on it goes.  

So, Lord God, this has been a nice week of experiencing good memories about the past, but that is as far as it is going to go.....right??

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