Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How Cold Does It Have To Be INSIDE the Suite Before We Cave and Put On the Furnace?

We are going to tough it out for another night or two and see if there is any rise at all in the overnight low temperature before we give in and admit we are bloody well freezing in here and it is time to just suck it up, accept the fact that summer is over and turn on the heat.
Brrrrrrrr..............chatter, chatter, chatter........BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!


Penny said...

well, if you both end up with colds because of the refusal to keep reasonably warm, now that it is fall, I can't help but smile a little and not do much more than hand you some's fall, darn are allowed some reasonable level of warmth aren't you??? :) LOL

Susan said...

Juuuuust kiiiiiddding! teehee