Friday, September 30, 2016

How Quickly Life Returns to Normal

I've been thinking today about how life at home seldom changes just because a person has been away for a few days.  Whether we have been gone a few days or a year, once we return home our lives default to the usual routine within a matter of hours, or even minutes.

Within 10 minutes of unpacking from our fast trip to Calgary earlier this week, I was getting my bank book out of my purse and preparing to pay the bills that arrived in our absence.  I prepared some cheques for deposit, figured out how much cash I would need before yesterday's pay day and decided whether I should walk downtown to the nearest bank or drive a bit farther away to a branch near a particularly good grocery store where I could purchase what was needed to replenish our refrigerator and food cupboards.  I got some quick thawing meat out of the freezer so I could prepare dinner that same evening, wrote up a longer grocery list for this morning's foray to the neighbourhood market, made a plan for a long walk to and from downtown yesterday to complete some other errands.  In other words, life as I know it was instantly restored as I walked through our back door carrying my suitcase the day we arrived home.

On the one hand it is great to get back to a familiar routine.  On the other hand I realize more each year how difficult I find routine of any kind.  That is what I love about travelling...short trips, long trips, day trips.  Routine disappears in many ways and life becomes a new adventure just waiting to happen.

I guess, if I am being totally honest, as much as I enjoy my life here and have enjoyed it similarly in other places, there is no joy that occurs just from living with a daily routine that is greater than the joy of being "somewhere else", with little to plan for than having new adventures and meeting new people.

That is why I so enjoyed participating last evening in the service for St. Michael and All Angels feast day at our local St. Mary Anglican Church.  The priest at St. Mary hosted a lovely evening Eucharist service, followed by a group of us heading over to LaBodega for wine and snacks.  St. Mary's still uses the old Book of Common Prayer and I was looking forward to that, as the Book of Alternative Services is very modern and in some ways rather...dare I say it....lacking in poetry and flow in comparison.  Well........I was shocked to discover that after spending the better part of 10 years using the BAS on an almost weekly basis, the return to the BCP was not what I was hoping for.  A proper sung Eucharist was performed and I had forgotten how long it takes for the simplest of prayers to be completed when everything has to be sung rather than spoken. Sigh....I never, ever thought I would find myself to be a truly BAS kinda' gal!!  As enjoyable as the service was, in other ways it seemed interminable!!  O my, what a surprise to me!

The food at Labodega afterward left as much to be desired for the price as it did the last time, so I think I will go sometime when I have the appetite for another full meal there and see if I can find something I genuinely enjoy there.  Last night both the hummus and the tapinade were rather flavourless, bland, unexciting.  Some of the others there also found their meals rather wanting in one way or another.  Too bad as it is in a good location for us to meet with friends who live near there.  We will definitely try it one more time before giving up.

So....back to what I was saying about a return to regular life....guess I am going to start sorting laundry now so that I can get an early start on tomorrow's laundry.

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