Wednesday, September 21, 2016

If There Is A Method To Making An Easy Task Difficult, I Will Find It Every Time

My husband left for Clergy Conference at about 11am on Monday.  A few minutes later I began what has turned into its now third day task of locating a commercial quality clothes rack/garment organizer (so now there is a more updated and correct and pretentious term for this too?!!??) for my clothes.  The one I have was not created to hold more than 22 pounds of weight and since all my clothes but the coats have to go onto it, the poor thing cratered last Sunday evening after 18 months of overuse.  By Monday morning all my clothes were laying in a heap on the floor and the rack was in pieces scattered across the bedroom carpet.

I thought it would be relatively easy to locate a more commercial grade rack, get it set up and rehang my now wrinkled clothing items. HAH!!  HAH AGAIN!!!  The short version is that I have spent the last 2.5 days searching, purchasing, unpacking, assembling, hanging up clothes, watching the racks buckle and dump my clothes back on the floor, disassembling, reassembling to correct any possible mistakes, rehanging, watching the racks buckle and once again deposit my clothes on the floor, disassembling, repacking, returning, getting my money back and trying again with another rack from another store.

I have been to Canadian Tire x2, Rona, Peavey Mart, Princess Auto, Staples, Home  Outfitters, Home Depot, Home Sense, Home Hardware, Office Supply(ers) x4,, WalMart, Sears, The Bay, and finally to Bed Bath and Beyond, the point of my apparently successful and therefore final purchase!  Aiiii yiiiiii....who knew such a small task would be this time consuming, exhausting, frustrating and depressing???  WHO KNEW??? 

FINALLY this morning I got the proper rack assembled for a second time to correct a mistake I made putting it together last night, (I have never claimed to have excellent skills in logic, hand/eye coordination or interpretation of assembly drawings), and my clothes have now been hanging up for over an hour with no buckling, no dumping, no shrieks of frustration and disappointment emanating from myself!  YAY!! 

Well, if nothing else I am steadfast once I start a project and see it through to completion no matter how depressing or ridiculous the situation gets. This blasted OCD has to be good for something, right?

In other news: 

- a niece of mom's and her husband are flying around Canada visiting relatives this month. The husband seems to be developing some form of dementia and I suspect this trip is partly inspired by a desire to be sure they all see each other again before his symptoms worsen.  They flew from visiting her brother in Edmonton to Calgary to see my parents...a special trip to see them before heading on to their son's place in Vancouver.  My parents were so touched and delighted by that thoughtfulness and so am I.  It made my parents' whole week.  They visited and went out for lunch together. Dad was having a pretty good day so their timing couldn't have been better as far as his health.  It has put my parents in a wonderful, positive frame of mind that I am hoping will carry over to our own visit with them next week.

- our son is home safely from Tokyo. He flew out just as the typhoon winds and rain were beginning and the tail winds were so great the plane actually arrived in Vancouver EARLY yesterday morning.  He is exhausted, but had the best time.  He was mightily disappointed to have to come home after such a short time there. The fair itself went very well.  He and his boss decided to take turns this time manning their booth.  One would stay for the morning session and the other would go exploring in Tokyo, then for the afternoon session they would switch.  He leaves again for NYC tomorrow, so today is crazy busy doing laundry and errands and work related "stuff" so he will be ready to go on time.  We will wait to hear the details of his adventures in both cities once he is back.  

- my husband will return this afternoon from a very good and busy Clergy Conference.  He will be expecting to find the suite all cleaned and presentable, but he will instead discover that only his own space has been cleaned.  I have been too busy with the garment organizer issue to worry about the filth that is everywhere else around here......sigh....  Well, at least HIS space is clean.  He left it all so tidied up and ready for cleaning I could hardly NOT do it.  

- had a very tasty meal at Cravings last night with a church buddy.  We sat and talked long after the meal was done.  We will get together again for the celtic music concert tomorrow evening.

-tonight is a turkey dinner at one of our churches, following a brief Eucharist together.  Looking forward to it very much.

- if I can get the rest of the suite cleaned properly between tomorrow and Saturday evening I will feel ready for the drive to Calgary after church on Sunday.

Life is busy and good with a ton of  personal ministry happening between all the other events.  It is very comforting to feel useful, at least in the area of spiritual things.

It is cold and windy today, rain is threatening, a proper arrival of the autumn season on today, it's first official day.




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