Sunday, September 25, 2016

Made It Safely! Hallelujah!

Church went so well this morning. The worship band from East Side United Church provided the music and it was a great time! It was fun to sing some songs my husband and I know from other denominations and our own parishioners gamely attempted them all: Lots of laughs and clapping along.

Then came the dreaded drive to the always takes us the better part of nine hours with food and gasoline stops, changing drivers, stopping to wash bug guts off the windshield and what have you. Today I did all the driving and heavy footed it most of the way, cutting an hour off the trip despite the usual number of stops. I make no apologies. (You realize that for someone my age, "heavy footing it" means keeping up to the rest of the traffic flow.) The time flew past rather nicely. Going home will be less stressful and lighter on the gas pedal.

Mom and Dad were in good spirits when we arrived. We had a lovely visit, did a couple of chores for them and planned our day for tomorrow.

Now, if we can manage to get this guest room cooled down, we will be ready for a good sleep. If the weather tomorrow is anything at all as lovely as today, it will be fun driving my parents around the city....more sunshine, warmth and light breezes, please!

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