Friday, September 2, 2016

Maybe It Is Time To Pack It In

I am considering a big change in my musical life next time we have to pack up and move to new "digs".  

Over the past couple of years I have noticed a distinct change in the amount of time I am spending playing my piano, there are shelves of music sitting about I literally have not been able to play properly for nearly a decade with this blasted arthritis to contend with and the frustration of not being able to play up to par any more, despite much practise, is starting to outweigh the enjoyment of playing at all.

Hmmmmm....mentally I am not quite ready to part with the piano or my sheet music and books, but I am starting to consider the possibility with a great degree of seriousness. My fingers just don't want to stretch out for those big chords any more, they ache for a couple of hours after a decent practise session, mentally I am quickly losing interest in playing.  Even a bit of fill in hymn playing at church is getting to be beyond my comfort level and ability. I am finding I am playing less classical and ragtime and more Beatles and other pop tunes because those simple arrangements are all I can handle remotely well any more.

For someone who loves music and has had a piano in her home for her entire life, it is a huge decision to be considering.  I remember when my dad gave up his piano and passed all his music on to me.  He seemed to be too young to be doing that, but he was about the age I am now.  Now I get it.  He couldn't do what he used to be able to do and neither of us has any interest in spending our senior years playing easy tunes badly as part of the afternoon entertainment in our seniors' care condos.  I have a whole new understanding of what you went through Dad.  

So, I am praying about what to do, but I suspect that when we leave our current residence, whenever that may be, I will be putting an end to my musical endeavors.  And, although I am not quite ready to actually do it, when I am totally ready it is going to be just the right thing to do.  From past experiences of having to give up various activities at other points in my life, I know I will be just fine with it.

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