Saturday, September 17, 2016

More Fun For the Coming Week

This is going to be a good week I think.  It is busy enough at least.  

Tuesday evening I am going out for dinner with a friend from church and she has also invited me to come to a concert Thursday evening sponsored by the Irish Association here in Regina. What could thrill my heart more than an evening of Irish music?  Not much!  I love it.  Slowly but surely I am building up a base of friends here in the city.  It takes time, particularly at my age in a new place where most of the people I meet have lived here all their lives and have their friendships and social agendas set.  I am relieved I don't always have to drive to Moose Jaw just to experience fun and friendship.  Sometimes those folk also come here and now I am developing some new relationships locally.  It is all good.

To pick up my ticket for Thursday's concert I walked over to the ticket sales at the gift shop in the Saskatchewan Provincial Museum.  The concert will be held in their hall.  I hadn't planned on a walk this afternoon, but it sure does feel good to get out there and stretch my muscles, walk off some carbs and calories and enjoy the beautiful day.

It is overcast and looks miserable outside, but in reality it is warm, lovely, only a slight breeze to contend with: a perfect autumn day. Now that the mosquitoes have all but disappeared since our night of frost early in the week and the wasps have settled into their fall stupor, I risked going off the walking paths in Wascana Park and struck off "cross country" across the beautifully mown lawns, under the trees, past some of the still lovely flower bed displays.  O my it was nice to be wandering through the short grass, still in sandals, arms bare in a sleeveless shirt, enjoying the trees that still have some leaves left on the branches.  I saw so few insects it was amazing: not a spider, wasp, ant, mosquito or blackfly anywhere in sight for the entire walk.  They stayed well hidden and I thoroughly enjoyed my time outdoors.  Of course by getting so close to the plants and trees I was covered in red rash by the time I got home, but not nearly as much of it as in the spring and early summer.  There was none on my face, only a little on my arms and feet and even the body rash was reduced from earlier in the season.

Well, I hope my huband is having a productive day at his Diocesan Council meeting.  The Diocese is getting geared up for fall and winter and there is much to plan and discuss.  After church tomorrow he has to return to the office to get some more work done. Sunday is a working day for him after all, so now that he isn't responsible for a parish and its hospital visits, congregational visits etc. on Sundays, he is busy catching up on office tasks.  I feel badly that of the 4 days off from work, in total, that he will have t his month, he has to spend 2 of them with my elderly, needy parents, but he is such a brick.  He is not the least bit upset and is more than happy to be the dutiful son-in-law.  Bless him!

So, off to do a bit of ironing!  Yippee, eh?? hahaha

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