Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Nan's Happy Update

I arrived at the hospital yesterday to visit Nan just as she was being released to go home! Such exciting news! She looked great, was in happy spirits and all ready realizing the difference between some post surgical pain and the chronic hip pain that plagued her for years prior to this replacement surgery. 
She is very grateful for all the prayers! 

My husband and I are struggling with our attempts to plan our trip(s) back to Alberta. We planned to go on the Thanksgiving long weekend for my husband to hike with a buddy while I stayed in the city to care for my parents. Over the past week a whole bunch of factors, including weather, accommodation, other family and work related issues have unexpectedly arisen and we are going to have to make a separate trip to see my parents as soon as we can. My husband may end up either flying to Alberta at Thanksgiving with all his gear stashed under the plane, or else I will be driving him 90 minutes out of town to hook up with a friend from La Ronge who also wants to go, if he is able. Limbo Land...that is where we are living these days! It is one of the things I detest about autumn. September job stresses rise each year, the weather is no longer predictable for that nine hour drive to Alberta, there is pressure to see family before winter arrives, we are wondering where our son is going to be living and working THIS winter, plus this week other personal issues have arisen unexpectedly that we have to deal with.

Life is good, but we could use a little conflict resolution for some of the issues in our lives. I am a decisive person so Limbo Land is a bit of a crazy maker! 

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