Friday, September 16, 2016

Ohayo Gozaimasu Son!

It is 8:15am in Tokyo right now.  I am assuming either my son is sleeping off the effects of last night's late celebration after the book fair closed for the evening, or else is forcing himself awake to face another day of it.  I wonder if he will eat a typical old fashioned Japanese breakfast before he heads to the Gaien campus for the fair: pickles, rice, fish, green tea (natto???)....oooh, the Japanese know how to prepare and consume a hearty breakfast, that is for certain!  

It is difficult to keep my mind off his Japanese trip, much more difficult than I thought it would be.  The poor man is going to be deluged with my requests for every single detail of how the fair went, what his transportation options were, what he ate and drank, what he saw that interested him, how his Canadian boss enjoyed their very brief Japanese much to see and little time after the long airline flights.

For someone who has no desire to return, I seem to be maintaining a huge interest in the details of my son's travels there.  hahahaha

He arrives home on Tuesday and has less than 48 hours before he heads next to Williamsburg NY.  So little time for him to answer all my questions!!  

Jet lag...o wow...he is going to suffer from that in NY!!  Guess I better start praying for him right now!!

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