Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ordinary Every Day Life is Very Good Indeed

After my trip to Moose Jaw on Monday, the excitement level of the week kind of went downhill from there.  There was a bit of prayer ministry going on, but not as much as some weeks; there have been some excellent telephone conversations and emails with spiritual sharing and encouragement; my cooking has been just fine if not spectacular; grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning chores have gone along tickety boo. The weather has improved once again and that makes all areas of life happier.

My husband and I shared a very nice meal over on Albert Street at the newly renovated Cathedral Public House.  Special attention was paid to each meal for ingredients and plating, even for simple burgers.  Mine was topped with a mound of arugula and it tasted wonderful with the herbs in the meat.  There was enough arugula to remind me of our days in Tokyo eating out at the neighbourhood Freshness Burger with its mounds of shredded cabbage atop almost every burger on the menu. 

I am glad we were at this particular venue during a quiet period.  The reno is wonderful: large  open spaces with lightly coloured wood grain style panelling all over the walls and nicely spaced seating areas, but there has been little attention put into the accoustics.  If it had been busier we wouldn't have been able to hear ourselves talking at all across the table.  Certainly it is worth another visit.  There is a wonderful selection of beer so my husband will likely visit with his colleagues on a few upcoming occasions, haha.

This morning I went grocery shopping at the neighbourhood YIG.  It happened that almost everything on my list today qualified for PC points.  I will save another fifty or more dollars on my last grocery load of the month.  What a wonderful saving right before pay day arrives.

Today I have started trying to make plans for next week while my husband is at Clergy Conference.  I must be feeling well. I am thinking ahead and at least attempting to make a few plans.  

So, if life is not overwhelmingly exciting in social and ministry events of late, that is okay.  I am just so happy to be here in Regina.  I can see how my husband's stresses at work are starting to change for the better now that he is facing only the one position to have to think about each week.  As much as he will miss leading a congregation and having that weekly coherent contact with them, he is far more able to relax when only focusing on the never ending tasks in the office position.  

All is well.

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